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  1. august04

    New Devils coach found!

  2. august04

    New Devils coach found!

    He’s certainly been around!
  3. august04

    New Devils coach found!

    Whoever it was, I can't see it on the Devils website now!
  4. august04

    New Devils coach found!

    Are you his agent?!
  5. august04

    New Devils coach found!

    He’s a good shout. Coached a few of our players before too I think, certainly Linglet and Morrisonn at Minsk and Zagreb.
  6. august04

    New Devils coach found!

    Look, we don’t want him here! End of!!
  7. august04

    New Devils coach found!

    Just a response to the “Juice” link - I‘d be very surprised too!
  8. august04

    New Devils coach found!

    Isn’t Justin Faryna’s nickname “Juice”?!
  9. august04

    Bownsy at Graz

    I have no doubt that we’ll get a very good import goalie, whenever we re-start. Kelman said in his recent interview that Bowns had decided to leave us/or signed with Graz last January - and frankly at times it showed that he didn’t want to be here in that last season. He’s moved on, so have we I...
  10. august04

    Pope calls it a day

    Agreed. If 20/21 had gone ahead as normal, I’d have been disappointed if he was re-signed.
  11. august04

    Official: 2020-2021 League suspended

    It makes my blood boil. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea for a group trip to Doncaster races, stopping at several pubs on the way/back. You couldn’t make it up.
  12. august04

    Official: 2020-2021 League suspended

    Me neither. Also, a shortened league without the full compliment of teams (no Belfast, Nottingham?) doesn’t really appeal to me to be honest - certainly hope any season ticket bought for this year wouldn’t apply to that eventuality, but rather for season 21/22.
  13. august04

    Todd's statement

    Why would any season ticket cancellations only be on health grounds? For say a family of four, it’s a lot of money at a time when jobs are/will be going left, right and centre as the furlough scheme comes to an end. That doesn’t mean that those fans aren’t behind the club and everyone must do...
  14. august04

    Mosey moves on

    Incredible really if that’s true, given the number of daily new cases in France. A bit of a different approach than from our politicians!
  15. august04

    Which team has been the best?

    The team that I liked watching the most since IAW opened was 16/17. I’m not sure if they’d be considered the best team but I’ll go with that year. To be perfectly honest, for me, the entertainment level has more often than not been pretty low this past few years. I found myself enjoying our...
  16. august04

    Mosey moves on

    It’s a strange one. I don’t know, but can’t imagine the French league would have a lucrative TV deal to allow low/no attendance. Scandinavia, Germany, EBEL, Czech etc - yes, but France, really?
  17. august04

    Upcoming season thoughts

    That league announcement on the 15th September is surely going to see the complete cancellation of the season - I have absolutely no doubt about that now. Lets hope we get a vaccine early next year and can then start again next Autumn. Depressing times....
  18. august04

    Gleason Fournier Leaves The Devils

    Unlike the Martin announcement, there‘s no mention of him coming back either. Not surprising, but very unwelcome news.
  19. august04

    GAME 7

    Spot on, totally agree. Even better, post NHL stuff on the Inferno General Chat forum as it’s not Devils/EIHL related - then those who don’t want to know the scores are less likely to come across it on on the Devils forum accidentally.
  20. august04

    Joey Martin on a One Year Deal to Norway

    Yes he has a great affinity with our club but he’s a professional athlete, not getting any younger and money talks. These guys have a limited career span and need to maximise their earnings while they can and wherever they can. They’re not short of a few bob in Norway (!), even if the cost of...