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    Heritage Classic - Maple Leafs v Sabres

    I appreciate this is more of a general post but is anybody watching the heritage classic? Nice to hear a shout out just then to the Devils. I think the co-commentator is Mike Johnson and he said a shout out to Cardiff, Wales and mentioned his old teammate (Kelman) is running the Cardiff Devils.
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    Crikey the wheels seem to be falling off at Sheffield. Connolly and Vallerand injured and now DeLuca fails an anti doping test!
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    New Rumours

    Few rumours on twitter this morning. - Oleksuk leaving Steelers and Matias Sointu coming in. - Haddad retiring Would be a bit gutting to see Sointu in Sheffield. Good signing at this level
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    Kevin Raine hit

    Has everyone seen the Kevin Raine hit on the weekend? What do we think of it? Very bad hit in my opinion. I appreciate these hits can be fine margins but every angle I see it looks like he catches him in the mouth. Others have said they think the initial contact is upper body. I think it’s a...
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    2021/22 Roster - Rumours/Predictions

    Anybody got any rumours or predictions on the roster for the upcoming season? I’m being positive and assuming we get a full season. I still think Mac Carruth will be our new starting goalie. Mac and a few of his relatives have recently started following the devils on social media. I also think...
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    Signings for 2021/22 season

    Just wondering who we all think will return for next season? No doubt we’ve already re-signed some players so I think our current roster might look something like this Defence Mikkelson Richardson Louis Batch Forwards Haddad Myers Ben Davies Mosey Duggan Rutkis
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    Devils Merchandise

    Hi All, Has anyone bought a Devils T-shirt online? I’m just wondering about the size guides. Are the large t-shirts quite tight? Debating whether to get a large or an extra large. Cheers
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    Reddick signs with Atlanta Gladiators

    Mixed emotions for me this one. I can’t fault Reddick’s work rate and effort during his time with devils and he’s a great bloke off the ice. In my opinion though I think it’s the right move for both parties. I think we’ve all got one or two ex Devils players that we struggled to warm to on the...
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    Steelers Sign a new goalie Son of Martin Brodeur. Very ordinary CV. Good save percentage in the Erste Liga this season but poor stats in the ECHL.
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    Panthers v Devils CC 2nd leg live on Freesports

    The 2nd leg will be live on freesports this Wednesday. Great news
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    Early days but our discipline so far in domestic games has been shocking. Particularly in Away games. Is the officiating in the EIHL poor? Yep horrendous but we simply have to adapt sooner rather than later. We can’t sit there all season saying “they wouldn’t have given that penalty in the CHL”...
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    Tom Parisi

    I see Parisi has signed for South Carolina in the ECHL. Always had a feeling he would return to hockey. Will be interesting to see how he gets on