Blaze Vs Devils - CC - 31st Oct 2021


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I'm a destination expert on forums for Tripadvisor, lived on Zakynthos for 19 years and have been told i'm wrong about things to do with the island by a tourist who has only visited the island twice for a fortnight :D
So yes you get them on all forums.
I got band from several Expat site........

Yes l tried Expat sites, being told that you have no idea about the country your from by people who don’t speak the language is hard to remain polite. Especially those that moved there yet spend their time in English bars, restaurants & shops and community. They constantly complain that utility companies, garages and other services don’t cater for English speakers. They based their move abroad on a week holiday, enjoyed the friendly waiters & know the type, Middle class sandal with sock wearers.

I was in a McDonalds once next table British family, typical kids running around they had grandparents visiting & the conversation was about the move, lovely locals, friendly etc. They obviously didn’t speak the language as the table behind me, locals, well let’s say they weren’t so friendly or complimentary........


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It’s more like a “My glass is bigger and better and if you don’t agree, well you know nothing” kinda place, at least that’s the vibe you get from some.......
In my experience the glass is always full. It is simply the ratio of water to air that varies.


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Never did the expat thing and never understood it.
You move to a beautiful Greek island, relaxed lifestyle BUT want fried breakfast and Sunday roast while watching British soaps hoping you can find a fish and chip shop or curry house, grinds my gears.
I wasn't liked by the expat community and all my mates were Greeks and Albanians.
Rant over..... All forums are the same :D

terry hunt

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so, tongue in cheek ! Perhaps that ‘tourist’ who had only visited twice for a fortnight made a valid post on that tripadvisor forum that may have differed from your opinion, maybe that tourist could possibly have been right ?? ( or even half right ) I also contribute to T/A and having lived in various locations around the globe would never call myself a ‘destination expert’, I try to advise and when necessary give my opinion. I respect that someone may have made a stupid or invalid comment on your particular T/A forum, and fair play to you, yes you do get them on all forums, but remember, sometimes they may just be right.
I thought that bad posts onT/A were from people who had been refused a free meal