Devils Vs Flames - 08 Mar 19 - League


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Devils invite the Guildford Flames to the bay on Friday for the second game of their 'weekend'. It'll be the Flames first game in 2 at the IAW as they look forward to facing Belfast in the CC final on Sunday.


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Another massive game.

Wonder if Fullerton will get the start and keep Carozzi for Sunday? Will they have one eye on the final?

Just come out from the first puck drop and play our game


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Every game has that massive game feel to it. The reality for me is that I don't think we will go unbeaten through to the end of the season (or to win the league) and neither will Belfast in my eyes. Composure is required here and not to panic if we do lose. Saying that, it wouldn't surprise me with these bunch of guys if they did win the games we require to take it with a few games to spare. Who know's!!
Calm heads, stick to the game plan and let Lordo do what he's done briliiantly thus far.


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If anyone still needs tickets for tonight's game, They have 50 in block 15 after a cancellation. Call 0800 0842 666

Rob Batch

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I noticed in the last game their nettie can be a bit temperamental, so would be good to get under his skin immediately. Come on U Devils !!

Rob Batch

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Myers has been immense lately but Big Lou was immenser tonight. Three times a Lady or whatever, Comma, dores !,,,is on.(3peat). Only messing. Whole squad is great !


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Grinding out the results, and I bet the Giants had some squeaky bum time for the last 2 1/2 minutes of theirs. 4 point weekend and its only Friday! Well done to the guys and Bownsy for another shutout.


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First player in was Duggan i believe, pope was ambling off the ice....say no more
This is the problem once a player starts to get criticism. To back up that criticism people start to see what they want to see, not what actually happens.

As Fournier clears the puck Pope is the highest player, already out of the zone and chasing the puck. By the time the late hit comes in he has his back to it so has no idea what has happened.
Despite that he skates all the way back to the defensive zone and grabs the nearest player. Pope doesn’t leave the ice until it’s all calmed down and we line change.
What did you expect him to do? Start punching random players and lose our PP advantage.
Dixon was on the ice and nearest the incident. If it had needed any further action I’m sure he would have stepped in.
He did.
We scored on the PP to give ourselves the two goal cushion for the vital two points.
I know it’s not this current devils teams style and don’t ever want to see us turn into Manchester Goons. However imo Fourns is our MVP player. To put such a late hit in on our my MVP should’ve provoked a response. Then King started performing again once out the box and nothing was done.

Not sure if it’s just me looking back with nostalgia but I do miss Faryna. He never went looking for it but if he did see something he didn’t like, he’d drop the gloves straight away. At the minute unless Big Lou drops the gloves no one does.

This is just one fan nit picking a minor issue, in the grand scheme of things we’re in a great position on and off the ice.