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    Im looking to sell all of the below jerseys

    Peter Smith - Festival of Hockey game (signed) - £50 ono

    Simon Keating - WNIR End of Era game (signed) - £50

    Jay Latulippe - Playoff jersey from 08/09 season (with LOA) - £50

    Paul Sample - 06/07 season set 1 white - £50

    Steve Moria - ISL era but not sure of year £75

    Josh Batch (black) - I sponsored this jersey but not sure of year - £150

    Chris Culligan (red) - not sure of the year, maybe his first season - £200

    Tyson Marsh (Green) - St Davids Day one off jersey against the Blaze - £250

    Vezio Sacratini - his testimonial jersey (blue with Italian stallion & Olympic rings on it & signed) - £250

    A wholly grail for a lot of supports, its a Mayor of Cardiff jersey!
    Brad Voth (Black) - 07/08 season when he was captain. - £400
    Jersey has the C on the front and has a number of marks on it and damage from wear. Pretty sure he also had a couple of fights in this jersey.

    Feel free to drop me a PM if your interested. Im not looking to trade just sell. Thanks

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