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Decent performance by GB. Murphy goes on about GB being unlucky with Finnish goals deflecting in off defenders, but a team makes that sort of luck. I wouldn't be surprised if the finns played for that, in the same way a good forward will bank shots off a goalie.

Latvia won't be as tough, but GB need to learn to retain possession. I still don't know where the goals are coming from.

We really need to find alternatives to dump and chase, and aimless stretch passes up the boards. I can't quite decide whether the tactical issues are about the limits of Pete russell or those of the group of players.

Just to be clear, I have no expectation of beating a team like Finland, but when you play the best, your frailties are bound to become more obvious.


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i think. Neilson, waller, hook, lachowicz, myers, all having good games, well, to be honest, I'm happy with how the team is doing. definitely missing kirk.


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It's not difficult to say what expectations should be getting this afternoon's match. GB need to win it to have a chance to finish above Austria.

To be honest though, given the lack of scoring and creativity in the team, I just don't see it happening.


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GB lucky not to have 2nd goal waved off as it went in off Nielsen’s skate.
Latvia just benched their $4 million NHL starting NM
Halfway thru P2
There was no kicking motion, do it was fine. There was movement to his foot, but that was consistent with stopping.


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Bad rebound control by bowns on the first Latvian goal.

GB need to stay disciplined in the third. This is doable though. I don't think that the Latvians address as good as Norway.

Interesting on Twitter how little respect GB is given.