Giants Vs Devils - Play-Off Final - 1st May 2022

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And then there were 2. League and Challenge Cup winners Giants will face the defending Play-Off Champions the Devils (yes the last one was that long ago) for the final glory of the 22 season. Can Giants claim the clean sweep of honours or can the Devils get revenge for their CC loss. We’ll find out tomorrow

Hedd Wyn John

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We almost managed the smash & grab in the CC final but ran out of gas.

I said it last time and I'll say it again. We need to score early & score often.

We're gonna need 3+ goals & Carruth is gonna have to play a blinder. a very big ask I know but the Devils have shown this season they can pull off some huge performances when the chips are down. Well all the chips are down tomorrow and we need the whole team to be on fire to get the win.


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In my heart a Devils win, but my head says Belfast will get the grand slam...sorry guys...but my predictions sucks sometimes so could be wrong again..I would settle for a sneaky winning goal at 59.59...


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Hopefully Carruth can produce a match winning performance in his final game.

I think everyone's been realistic about yesterday's performance, but it's getting to the final that matters.

I've got a hunch that we've got one big performance left in us...


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If we play like we know they can then we will win ! The CC final would of been ours we ran out of gas I generally think they want this game more than anything and can see us putting everything on the line to bring it home
Up the devils come on lads


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They should be fully fired up for this one, Todd will be motivating the s88t outta them. So if we are missing for large chunks of each period today, well that‘ll confirm issues within the team.

I’ll say 4-3 score line to Devils. We are perfectly capable of beating them.


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Sounds like Clan planning a minutes applause start of the final for a young fan who passed away. If any of the inferno are at the game today maybe can we can spread the word and join in?
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