MNL texters - How/where do you get any service?


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How do we ever get any texters for MNL at home games? Where are people sat or which service provider do you need to be with to get any signal, apart from pressing yourself against the glass by the far end of the bar?


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i'm on Vodafone and get a vague, one bar signal in block 19 if the wind is blowing the right way across the bay... no data but i could send an old fashioned text.


The last time I was in IAW the signal with O2 was decent enough to send texts, but no 3G/4G coverage. That was in one specific seat in block 1 though, seemed to vary and dip as soon as I moved even a few feet :E
Only been IAW once during preseason
And had very low signal in away block
Was able to do twitter updates but couldn’t actually load my twitter feed though

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