Riley Brandt added as injury cover for Lammon


Fair play he is a game little fella. I am hoping he will bring some further energy and fire to the team. I think he may be out simular version of Vezio Sacratini but hits like a run away Train. Looking at the Youtube comments he is even described as a league Bully which is a strange comment given his size and that he played in a league with a fair few enforcers back then. This is only one video of his hits but there are a fair few on YouTube and an old interview where he describes himself and his style of play. Looking forward to seeing him ice. He is from the same team as Lord used to play for I believe, albeit a fair few years later, and has very very simular stats to what Lord had when he played for the same team.


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His first shift as a Devil he puts in a big hit centre ice. Then the second a big hit on the boards. I like this guy.
He definitely ain't afraid to go all out, reminds me of Faryna just slightly more crazy, watching throw hits yesterday gave me goose bumps because we haven't had anyone throwing hits like that in ages, he's definitely gonna get to know the penalty box more when the "officials" catch wind of the fact he ain't afraid to get stuck in.


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It’ll help he’s small. He won’t be getting called for making hits on smaller players which is what seems to happen to anyone over 6 foot.

Big player hits small player = check to the head in the EIHL.


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Apparently his teammates love him already. That kind of energy and physicality is great to have and tough to find. I'm also curious to see what kind of offensive potential is there as well.
Won't be long before block 13 have a song about him Probably a good idea to get some shirts printed up. ;-)
Apparently his teammates love him already. That kind of energy and physicality is great to have and tough to find. I'm also curious to see what kind of offensive potential is there as well.
I know we sell out now on a regular basis but Steve, this is the kind of player that has been at the heart of the devils in the more physical days and they were LOVED for that style of game by the fans and the players alike. Certainly brings bums on seats. I hope he is like a hard hitting Sacratini kind of player that plays night in and night out for the name on the front of the shirt. From what we all saw last night he definitely seems that kind of player and the kind we fans have been wanting for a long time and the team as been missing at times.
Coughler seems a diamond of a find and will definitely be posting some huge numbers.

It is amazing to see the dedication from the owners to the club. Even during these tough times you have all supported and backed the club to the hilt.

Exciting times ahead with the additions of the last two players both in goals and PHYSICALITY.

CAN'T WAIT until we can see them first hand.


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I know it is easy to get carried away when you see a player of Rileys abilities and temperament, me included, but let's not put too much pressure on him for big hits every game. I would hate for him to think that's all we need him for. We need his all round game.


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I don't think it's getting carried away. This is how he plays. This is how we want to see him play. He's a professional. First year, second year pro - doesn't matter. Let's get carried away! As Celticdruid mentioned his style of play has been at the heart of Devils hockey for years. Yep, I hear you, it's only one game but if a player can do that in one game and lift a few of the grumpy fans on here (like me) then I say "crack on and fill yer boots!" The brilliant thing about him is that every one of those monster hits were legal. Someone made the point that a bigger guy like Louis making those hits would probably get called. Brandt can have a field day in this league. I don't expect it every game, I expect it every shift! He won't give a hoot what's written on here - even if he bothers to read it - it won't put him under pressure. It's how he plays.