Scotland triple header


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For those flying up and need transport to the games, Martin Link will be running a bus going from Edinburgh Jury's Inn and Premier Inn Haymarket.

There is space for 11 more on the bus and the cost is £20 for the two games.

To contact Martin, contact 07899691183 or reply to this post.
Hi all I'm just booking my tickets for the triple header does anyone know the away blocks? I know fife is block F and if I remember from last year you just buy tickets at Dundee and sit where you like (please tell me if I am wrong) but I can't remember the away block for Edinburgh anyone any ideas?

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For Edinburgh it is the block immediately opposite the benches..... can't remember it's numbe though. Given the capacity to the size of crowd though it tends to be a case of sitting somewhere to avoid the pillars.

Dundee is the same position but without the pillars