Team GB vs Estonia


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What ever happens with Olympic qualification, these games give GB the vital preparation they need of they're going to stay in pool A this year. How I wish the likes of Haddad would suddenly acquire a British passport though.


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After the disappointment of Wales, it was a real booster to watch GB doing the business. Wonder if Jono will ever score a goal at Nottingham and be cheered by the home fans ever again.


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GB were superb. I thought they were pretty bad the other night but really seemed to find their stride against Estonia. Seems there is a lot of natural goal scoring which I don’t think they’ve really had in the past.


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overall very good performance, a few good spin around's and nice play's, also a couple of misses though, but the team is looking good.
2 down one to go.


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Lordo ...if conway is like his dad....sign him up...he was prolific for telford in his day...
I did wonder if he was related to Kevin Conway who was always at or near the top of the scoring charts. He was a great player and it looks like his son is following in his footsteps. Have a look at this beaut he scored (8 minutes into the video)