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Huge thank you to Andrew Hotham for 4 amazing years, who would have thought we would keep such a talent for 4yrs, he was a bit amazed himself, but loved Cardiff. It has been a pure joy to watch Andrew play and with a league record of
Played 210 league games, 218 points, that is some record, Andrew was as much a joy to know off the ice, as he was to watch on it. So it’s with a heavy heart to have to say farewell buddy, thank you so much for the pure entertainment over those 4 yrs, we all now wish you guys everything that you guys wish for yourselfs. Take good care, have a great summer, and a wonderful future.
This is the one I have always dreaded hearing. He is my all time favourite Devil and you cannot put a value on what he has given us over the last four years. While always appreciating what he did, I think it will become even more apparant when he isn't on the ice next season. No one is probably feeling this more than Lordo, replacing him is a huge task . In an earlier post I said that I'm not the most patient and wanted some signings, now I'm happy to wait, finding and signing a player like him , take as long as you need Lordo! Andrew thank you so much , you were the backbone of our success,my very best wishes for the future.


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We all see the games through different glasses but to me he was an absolute gem. I can only repeat what Wannabe2 says. Thank you Andrew Hotham for staying with us for four years and good luck where ever you go.


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It’s a simple one for me....Just a legend of the league and the Devils. A joy to watch.

That goal against Belfast will live long in the memory.

Thank you Andrew.

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All time favorite devil for me. The ultimate hockey player, he brought points, hits, fights, compete, grit and a little of the dirty stuff. I've been preparing for this day for at the last 2 seasons and I'm still devastated. Thank you Andrew you'll be one tough cookie to replace.


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Think we knew this was coming but probably didn't want to accept it. It's not news the Club would have wanted to announce but it's done and the challenge now is for TK and Lordo to try to find player/s who will bring everything the Hoth brought to the Team and the Club.....a MASSIVE job ahead.

It has been a priveledge and pleasure watching the outstanding maverick talent that has been Andrew Hotham. One of the most skilled defencemen to play in this country and a credit to our Club. With their impending nuptials, hope the future Mr and Mrs Hotham embark on the next exciting chapter of their lives.

Andrew you will be missed and remembered with admiration as one of the architects of this evolving Devils' team, by fans and clubs around the league. Thankyou for 4 awesome years.
I've watched many talented import defensemen around the league since 1986 and the Devils have been blessed with more than most
Shannon Hope , Kip Noble , Tyson Teplitsky , Alan Schuler , Jeff Burgoyne , Frank Evans , Wes Jarvis and Martin Lindman to name but a few
They all had something special about them which made them all a pleasure to watch
But Andrew Hotham in my opinion has been the most complete defencemen to have pulled on a Devils shirt
And an absolute joy to watch
Along with Ben Bowns and the two Joey's he has been the heart of our success for the last 4 years and we have just lost an artery

Let's hope Lordo and Todd have something up their sleeves
Thank you Mr Hotham and good luck in the future
Really sad to hear this but suspected it was coming.Better he leaves at the top of his game having helped the Devils to achieve it all in our league.
He was one of the symbols of our new owners and management group.When we moan about poor games the team occasionally play it is trivial compared to when a player of his calibre leaves it brings home how good this organisation is.
Lets hope they can find another Devil of his quality.
Best wishes to him and his family whatever he does next and thanks for many great nights at our arena
Thanks for your 4 seasons Andrew - an all time great Devil.
That title clinching goal in Belfast showcased his skillset - all round ability that will be extremely difficult to match.
Andrew Lord has an unenviable task in trying to replace him, but he's demonstrated his recruitment skills before, so let's
hope he can unearth a similar gem.
Good luck for the future Andrew.
Huge hole to fill, and not just the points he put up every season. Massive competitor, stuck up for his teammates, an absolute star for this club in the new era.
All the Best Marv , you're a gem. Pop lwc yn y dyfodol

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Such a unique package of talent is going to be all but impossible to replace in one jersey. I would expect the 'slack' so to speak to be covered across the whole team recruiting, not just the D corps.

For me though, seeing Marv leave means more than ever that not just the D is a focus - I believe Justin Faryna is now more important to our success than ever as he too brings the skill, toughness and also that compete level to the ice every game that was Hoth's trademark.

I don't remember many players leaving getting this kind of reaction from the fanbase - Culligan came close though. Over a point a game as a D man, League MVP and D man of the year for 4 years is a stunning resume, before you get to the silverware. Sadly one more member of the 'new era' team has moved on, and that team has a special place for me (and many others of course). Illustrates how the Club is bigger than all of us, but some individuals will leave an indelible mark on our history. Hoth, as big a mark as anyone.
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Losing our amazing number 24 is a massive hit to take, but if Andrew had stayed another season, we would all feel like this in a 12 months time. So let’s reassess for 5 minutes, Mc Ewan was irreplaceable, so was Cullen, as was Hopester, the real Mark Smith, Vother, etc etc. Yes Hotham was truly a one off, we all know that, but just like Andrew we now move on. After all the club is bigger than any individual, thank you Andrew for helping to take us to unbelievable heights, but there were many cogs that made this machine work, not one. And that was the ingredient we had, many players contributing to a common goal. So we now wish our lush number 24 all the best in the world, and now focus on season 18/ 19, we are THE CARDIFF DEVILS, the team that everyone else needs to try to emulate, good luck on that one guys. So come on you wonderful club, you have hit us with bad news, now it’s time to hit us with something cool. Think we all deserve that don’t you.
Can only echo the comments above! Inevitably players move on eventually and so it is sad you are leaving but thanks for your commitment, effort and talent over the past 4 years. You will be so difficult to replace but I trust the owners and Lordo to come up with another talented D to wear the shirt .