Thommo gone!


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Was only a matter of time, he didn’t have the dressing room and was beginning to look washed out. The weird thing is that they looked very good against the Panthers last week, they matched that huge team for Physicality, and for passion, that’s why they won. Since then it’s back to going downhill. Never liked Thommo, but wish him well as he was looking pretty shitty.
Our old friend Corey Neilsen seems to be doing the business in DEL2.
His team are currently top of their table.
It wouldnt be the first time the Steelers took a coach from the Panthers.
Assuming he would go there of course.


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It was getting bizarre there, Thommo was blaming players as if he hasn't had four years to build a good side. In some ways Lordo is to blame - I think the whole Steelers culture (Thommo, Simms, Smith) have completely failed to understand and move with the shift that the Devils new ownership brought in. Professionalism, recruiting family players, respect, diversity - as well as the playing style. It's all lads being sexist in the 1970s still there, and it's caught up with them. It's more than just a coach that needs to change up there, and it'll take a good couple of seasons to do that, if they have the will. Still, who cares?


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I don't like the bloke but this was inevitable and probably best for him as he was starting to look awful in interviews. Trouble is, he was keeping Steelers below where they should be and I have no doubt they will improve now. I shall miss his tantrums though!


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I don't like the bloke but this was inevitable and probably best for him as he was starting to look awful in interviews. Trouble is, he was keeping Steelers below where they should be and I have no doubt they will improve now. I shall miss his tantrums though!
Spot on, also a strong Sheffield team benefits everyone, In a ideal world this league would have 11 very strong teams, and every game would be edge of seat games. This split should now benefit both parties, think he only lasted as long as he did was because of Simmsy, one thing is for sure lots of Steelers fans will be pretty happy.


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Obviously this reeks of "jumped before he was pushed", but such is the culture they've created in Yorkshire.

It will be interesting to see what the team can achieve without him.


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The team collectively was enough to give any coach a nervous breakdown. Sheffield fans think they deserve to win and add to the pressure. Their turn over of coaches speaks volumes about the whole organisation.


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If you take out the title winning season when G was sacked, what has Thommo actually achieved? 1 playoff title? For someone lauded as a superb coach and with the team having a budget as big as his, he has under achieved massively. Shuff may actually turn out to be a decent contender with the right coach in place.


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Have they got anybody lined up to replace him? Can't imagine that toxic organisation would have the same level of valuable connections that TK and our Owners have. Will the Steelers carry out due diligence in their search for a coach.........or recruit someone in a hurry? Infact, anyone who is prepared to take on that poison chalice.


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I don’t think they have someone lined up, due to his answers about bringing more replacements in, but that’s just my take on it. For his own well-being he had to go, his only real achievements were with Coventry, and at that time they probably had the biggest budget in the league by far.


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I think we need to be careful with how we remember Thommo's time in charge of Sheffield. Because let's make no mistake, Sheffield and Thompson (and G) were the bench mark when Todd and Lordo took over. They were where we needed to be.

While where both clubs are at present, are very different, and the way in which we completed that challenge was phenominal, lets not forget just how big those rivalry games were in the league in Lord's first few years, that playoff final where we lost, was one of the most competitive games seen on these shores, and that took two teams. To notch down Thommos entire reign, is to not appreciate just how far we have come, and just how big our achievements are.

The Thing Thompson didn't do, was have any coherent plan of how to get back at us, what we have built, was just too big a challenge, when you are at somewhere for so long, it's easy to get stale.

And I'd say the biggest issue, was the culture Thompson built, that was now so engrained in the club it was going to eat away at any set of players that were there. It's a culture of Blame and Fear, We have a culture of Standards, you hit our standards on and off the ice, or you don't last.

Fascinating next chapter awaits at Sheffield and the League.
I actually think he is a little hard done by - this season. When he was on the opposition bench at IAW, BBT or WNIR I’ve hated him. But it’s still a bloke who has a young family, who’s son idolises him, who’s daughter has to watch a tonne of abuse about on Twitter, now out of a job in a business where you can’t just walk straight into another job particularly easily.

His record isn’t that bad at Sheffield. Certainly in the past few years, they have been the next best to us. The Devils have built a behamoth, it’s been difficult to match us and as much as it would be hard to swallow for them a certain acceptance should be exercised, expectation should be dropped. Coming second best to the teams Andrew Lord and Todd Kelman is nothing to be that disappointed over.

The changes in the summer have just killed any chance he had. But those would’ve been certainly demanded from the whole management, not just his decision. And for a near complete change of the squad he was given just a month of regular season to get it right before the knives were out.