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Have you genuinely heard anything about Martin and Fournier or are you just making it up haha
I have 4 tickets available for Saturday. Block 7 row J 1, 2, 3 and 4. Can't get tickets to you as we are Covid positive but I can ask club to send paper copies?
But I'm willing to pay now
I only need 1 sorry but I have money waiting
Evening Callum,

Re: The Batch helmet. Have you got any photos? Also how much are you wanting for it?

Cheers mate

Hi mate I have some pictures yeah I’ll try and get them too you ASAP
Pictures look great mate. Exactly what i’m after
any pics of the batch Swindon jersey, whats your best price as well. my daughters moved to oxford so Swindon may be my second team :-)
Hi, interested in this. Where are you based? I assume you can remove the Batch photos at the bottom, as planning to reuse for another player? Thanks

You’re probably aware of this song already but ‘Champion’ by Barns Courtney would make a great celebration song for Sunday.

You probably got it sorted already but please allow that I’m still drunk and felt the need to share this with you.

Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan
Hi - I was looking at this track for the End of Season awards, as it happens! It's a great tune. It'll also be played at some point tomorrow night. Thanks for the message, always appreciate suggestions. Hope the hangover isn't too bad!
ooi ooi kev ,its can i not notice this is you with your bar link to zante !!!....have to tell me how many times you go to the games cos if my boys have got games and it clashes you can have my tickets ...are you getting to anymore before the season ends.

shame about yesterday but they were the better team.