Match Night Live 

19:57 - So, that's it. Hope I didn't do too badly at all this. Nos da ;)


19:57 - But Blaze MoM is Mark Smith.


19:56 - Sounds like every fan in the building is giving an award.


19:56 - Doesn't sound like this will make it into the records as a great Devils Blaze competition.


19:55 - It's a shame. Sounds like a flat game. As a Devils fan, it is really nice to win at a stroll. But as a hockey fan you want it to be a competition.


19:55 - From the sound of it it should be the kit guy - the only one who did anything for the Blaze tonight.


19:54 - Still waiting for the Blaze MoM


19:54 - Happy Birthday Joey (from Lincoln if not all the Devils fans ;) )


19:53 - Gerald points out that it is Haddad's Birthday.


19:53 - Blaze fans went home before the final whistle


19:52 - Devils MoM is Haddad


19:50 - Devils played a good road game, but lacked the killer finish.


19:50 - Poor performance from the Blaze.


19:50 - And the Devils win it 1-3... Get in :D


19:49 - Devils penalty Mychan 2 minutes for slashing @ 59:32


19:49 - Devils timeout at the same time


19:49 - Devils penalty Mychan 2 minutes for slashing @ 59:32


19:48 - I always wonder why teams don't play with the intensity they show in the final two minutes for the whole game.


19:47 - Final minute. Net still empty.


19:47 - Red Army in the dome.


19:47 - Devils ice the puck.


19:46 - And Stewart has been pulled for the Devils zone faceoff.


19:45 - Blaze call a time out after a big save from Bowns.


19:45 - Lets see if they pull Stewart.


19:44 - But final 2 minutes


19:44 - Blaze are pushing now.


19:43 - Devils making some reckless passing. Need to be more careful of Blaze sticks.


19:42 - A big kill from the Devils - the Blaze looking a bit more hungry in that PP.


19:42 - Devils full strength.


19:41 - Blaze manage to get set, but Devils break it up and clear it the length.


19:41 - Puck goes out of play from a Blaze shot.


19:40 - Let's try and have a big kill now.


19:40 - Devils penalty Piggott 2 for slashing @ 54:47.


19:39 - Devils with a sloppy penalty.


19:39 - Six minutes left


19:38 - Maybe we can settle down now please.


19:38 - Thankfully Blaze back to full strength.


19:37 - Sloppy pass from the Devils picked up by the Blaze. Bowns somehow covers it.


19:36 - Devils really struggling to get set. They need to settle it down.


19:36 - 1 minute left of the PP.


19:35 - Bit sloppy from Devils. Blaze with a short handed effort.


19:35 - Don't know who committed the offence.


19:35 - Blaze penalty hooking at 51:48


19:34 - And Blaze taking more lazy stick penalties.


19:33 - Devils still look like they are on the PP.


19:33 - Blaze full strength.


19:32 - Finally some great play from the Devils and Stewart pushes the net off.


19:31 - Sloppy Devils play allowed a SH break for the Blaze. Thankfully it came to nothing.


19:31 - Devils struggling to get a cycle setup on this PP


19:30 - C'mon Devil - punish the Blaze on this PP.


19:29 - That Blaze penalty Venus 2 for boarding @ 48:49


19:29 - Blaze with some silly play - Venus takes a penalty trying to stop the Devil skating from the corner.


19:28 - Devils controlling the play 5 on 5.


19:27 - Gametime 46:28.


19:27 - Right in front of the Devils fans - they are calling for elbows.


19:26 - CJ helped off the ice by the trainer.


19:25 - CJ has gone down after a massive hit in the corner. Nothing called.


19:24 - Marsh with a massive shot as the puck just doesn't clear the zone. Offside blown none the less...


19:21 - Devils are controlling this game 5 on 5 - just need to not take stupid penalties.


19:20 - Gone back to end to end. Blaze now trying to get back into this.


19:19 - And again, another Devils 2 on 1 - and Mychan shanks it wide.


19:19 - Lord and Morristte go two on one and prompts a big save from Stewart.


19:18 - Let's push this Devils. Another goal would finish the Blaze off.


19:18 - Still waiting for the restart... pom tiddly pom pom.


19:17 - Ice repairs going on in the Blaze crease.


19:17 - Blaze coughed up the puck, and Lord took it to the net and put it home.


19:16 - That goal - Lord unassisted @42:23


19:16 - Lord leading from the front there.


19:16 - From the faceoff.... DEVILS GOOOOAAALLLLLl


19:15 - Devils Clarkson is pushed into Stewart and takes the net off.


19:15 - Blaze shooting on sight now - they sense that they may be hockey players and they may be able to play hockey.


19:14 - C'mon Devils - don't let the Blaze build on that.


19:14 - That was an even handed goal at 40:32 Steven Goertzen from Omarra and Rawlyk


19:12 - Blaze goal


19:12 - Devils back to full strength.


19:11 - Devils need to kill off this penalty (that they have already scored on) and put this beyond a very poor looking Blaze performance.


19:11 - Devils start with 0:24 of penalty kill.


19:10 - Teams are back out for the third period.


19:09 - From Gerald at the rink: Devils are dominating, but Hicksey trying to level things up. Not helped by Blaze dives and cheap shots behind the play.


18:56 - Devils will start the third period with 24 seconds of PK remaining.


18:55 - With the pressure, Devils deserve more of a lead. Need to give Stewart more to worry about.


18:55 - End of the 2nd Devils lead 2-0


18:55 - That goal was Haddad from Lord and Hotham at 39:21


18:54 - Lord dangles and Haddad taps it in on the back post.


18:54 - That's a SHORT HANDED GOAL from the Devils




18:53 - Devils seem intent on giving Blaze momentum with all these penalties.


18:53 - Devils back to 4 men.


18:52 - Devils Batch 2 minutes for kneeing @ 32:23


18:51 - Devils gift the Blaze a 0:17 of 5 on 3.


18:51 - Big stop and cover from Bowns with 0;48 remain in the PK.


18:51 - That was Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 36:39


18:49 - Devils penalty


18:48 - Blaze with a break and go straight offside.


18:47 - Lovely Devils shot from Hotham force a big save from Stewart. But again he saw it all the way in.


18:46 - I suppose it chips at the Blaze without giving them anything to build on.


18:46 - Devils not making it hard enough for Stewart. Lots of ranged shots without a screen. Seem happy to not drive the net.


18:45 - Griffin is up and moving around, so hasn't left the game.


18:45 - More pressure from the Devils leads to the Blaze icing the puck.


18:44 - Griffin makes it to the bench. Play continues.


18:43 - Blaze Griffin takes a a slapshot and goes down @ 33:27


18:43 - Blaze Cowley with a big chance. Bowns saves and big clear.


18:42 - Apparently the Blaze fans are embarrassing. Giving nothing all night.


18:42 - Give us another goal Devils. Make all the pressure count!!


18:41 - Devils go straight back onto the attack.


18:41 - Let's make all these kills count Devils!


18:40 - Devils full strength.


18:40 - Bowns covers with 6 seconds left in the powerplay.


18:40 - Blaze ice the puck with 30 seconds left on the powerplay


18:39 - Some good play from the Blaze. Several good shots on net.


18:39 - Devils penalty Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for slashing @ 29:53


18:38 - Sorry- lost internet there.


18:37 - Scrappy from both teams now. Devils with the better of the play.


18:36 - Another Devils, shot. Another Blaze net kicked off.


18:36 - C'mon Devils, lets get back on top and make something from all the pressure.


18:35 - Blaze Stewart makes a stop.


18:35 - Devils full strength.


18:35 - Martin taken down, and gets the penalty shot... which Stewart saves :(


18:34 - Devils break away with 7 seconds left


18:34 - This has been a good power play by the Blaze.


18:33 - 30 seconds left of the Power Play


18:33 - 1:02 left in the power play


18:32 - Big save from Bowns after a scrum in front of the net.


18:32 - Devils manage to clear the puck. A much better PP from the Blaze this time.


18:31 - 26:51 puck out off Blaze shot


18:31 - Devils need a big kill here and take any wind out of Blaze sails.


18:30 - Devils penalty. Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for tripping at 26:47


18:30 - Getting a bit scrappy for the Devils, and Blaze finally able to get some forecheck going.


18:29 - Blaze offside - Blaze players really not happy with the call.


18:28 - Bowns covers.


18:28 - Batch shot out of play.


18:27 - Some nice stick handling from Venus for the Blaze leads to a big Devils hit, turn over and a nice rush for the Devils.


18:25 - That should have been a penalty for delay of game.


18:25 - Blaze can't decide how many players are allowed on the ice. Talk about delaying the faceoff.


18:25 - I hope the Devils can convert this pressure. Can't allow the Blaze to build anything from this.


18:24 - Another Blaze stop and cover.


18:23 - Puck had actually left the ice.


18:23 - Puck gets stuck in Blaze Chalmers equipment, at least the players think so. Leads to some handbags.


18:22 - Nice move from Venus made Batch have to make a big defensive play.


18:21 - Devils making all sorts of trouble for the Blaze in the Blaze zone. Blaze can't seem to keep the puck.


18:20 - C'mon Devils - let's turn some of this pressure into another goal or three!!


18:20 - Devils win the puck and again bring the pressure to the Blaze.


18:19 - Blaze finally break and give an easy save for Bowns.


18:19 - Blaze with another big stop.


18:18 - Great sequence of drop passes from the Devils leads to Stewart having to make a massive stop on Hotham.


18:17 - Blaze shot deflected out of play by Bowns


18:16 - And we're off for the second period.


18:15 - The teams are back out.


18:04 - I'm off to find another coffee. Tonight I'm on an Ethiopian blend, brewed through a V60 dripper for a fuller flavour.


18:02 - Let's have another two periods like that please Devils


18:02 - That period was all Devils.


18:02 - Blaze just not able or willing to make the plays. They are not hitting and are avoiding getting hit.


18:01 - Devils are doing a very good job of closing down the Blaze passing lanes. Blaze can't pass east to west, and seem unable or unwilling to skate north south.


18:00 - It took until the final 15 seconds of that Blaze power play until they even looked like they were the team with the man advantage.


17:59 - End of the First DEVILS lead the Blaze 0-1.


17:59 - Devils Full Strength.


17:59 - At the buzzer Blaze with a shot on Bowns.


17:58 - Blaze can't seem to gain the zone. So far Devils have at more changes on the Blaze PP.


17:58 - Devils still look like they are at even strength.


17:57 - Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for slashing at 17:58.


17:56 - Apparently Hotham is wearing Myers' jersey after equipment issues.


17:54 - I'm guessing the game sheet is wrong.


17:54 - Jason - from the rink "Myers isn't playing"


17:53 - 15:21 - Stewart glove save and covers.


17:52 - Blaze penalty Kyle Bochek 2 minutes for tripping @ 14:59


17:51 - Jason is asking how Myers is playing. I'm not sure he is.


17:50 - Apparently Blaze didn't seem to realise they were on the power play.


17:50 - Devils FS


17:50 - Bowns with a good save give Devils a nice run of attacking play whilst a man down.


17:49 - Blaze struggling to get into the zone.


17:49 - Morissette takes the puck 1 on 1 but can't get the shot away. Still kills that clock.


17:48 - Let's see if we can do something on the kill.


17:48 - Devils Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for slashing at 11:15.


17:47 - Clarkson loose his rag and takes a silly slashing penalty.


17:47 - Blaze Full Strength.


17:47 - Devils with a few good chances on the Power Play but not able to get set for any sustained pressure.


17:45 - That at 9:15.


17:45 - So that penalty Blaze Rory Rawlyk 2 minutes for holding


17:44 - And the Devils pressure causes Blaze to take a soft holding penalty behind their own net.


17:43 - Tendler looks to be the only Blaze player trying to bring any offence at the moment.


17:42 - Another good chance from the Devils after Blaze cough up an easy turn over.


17:41 - Very end to end.


17:41 - Another Mychan shot with Stewart save.


17:41 - Taken my Mychan but the resulting shot goes out of play.


17:40 - Bouncing puck in the Devils crease. Bowns didn't know where it was, but Devils clear before Tendler could slot it home.


17:40 - Blaze seem to be content to let Devisl skate around the outside of the zone without a hit.


17:39 - Devils seem to be settling now, and controlling the game.


17:38 - You have to bear with me... I'm still remembering how to drive this ;)


17:38 - The assists from Morissette and Lord


17:37 - So that goal Batch @ 4:17


17:36 - Stewart clears it, and Batch hits it into the empty net in slow motion.




17:35 - Blaze full strength.


17:35 - Blaze Rory Rawlyk throws a hit and then runs for the bench.


17:35 - Devils having a mixed Power Play. Blaze managing to keep the puck up the ice for periods. But Devils still forcing a couple of saves from Stewart.


17:33 - Blaze kick the nets off.


17:33 - For Jason - looking like 60% capacity in the Skydome. So not too bad, they just are silent.


17:32 - So Devils go on the Powerplay.


17:32 - Craig Cescon 2 minutes for roughing and 5 minutes for fighting


17:32 - Cardiff Andrew Hotham 5 minutes for fighting


17:31 - From Gerald "I don't the puck crossed the line, 90% sure the puck just crossed the crease"


17:30 - Sorry, it was Hotham not Clarkson.


17:30 - Cescon with the take down, but the linesmen struggled to separate them.


17:29 - Waiting for the penalties.


17:29 - Blaze crash the Devils net. Clarkson has words and the gloves come off with Craig Cescon


17:27 - Nice to see Hicks still backs down with enough nagging.


17:26 - Goal has been waved off... and no penalty shot for the deliberate removal of the net.


17:26 - Oh for NHL style overhead cameras.


17:25 - Apparently the net was off, so it is now all about if the puck would have crossed the line if the net was there.


17:25 - After initially giving it, Hicks is now having a think about it.


17:24 - Rawlyk kicked the net off but the goal is awarded.


17:24 - Hicks and Hogarth have the whistle.


17:23 - About 100 Devils fans have travelled.


17:23 - Devils win the faceoff and ice the puck...


17:23 - We're off.


17:21 - Anthems done, waiting for faceoff.


17:21 - Looks like we are getting ready to go.


17:19 - Angela has called it as 4-2 for the Devils.


17:18 - Mark has called it as: devils win by 2 goals. But happy with any kind of win.


17:17 - Ever get the feeling someone is baiting the MNL host?


17:17 - A change to Jason's prediction: Devils 3, Coventry 1 and Big Doug to absolutely discuss with someone the merits of ikea furniture whilst the ginger ninja looks at the latest Laura Ashley Catalogue with Mike Egener


17:13 - I have to be honest, doing this is a bit of a relief. The good lady wife is full of ideas for the house we're buying. This gives me a valid excuse to not discuss soft furnishings.


17:11 - Jason say "3-1 to the devils and either Clarkson or the Ginger Ninja to absolutely leather someone"


17:08 - Any more predictions? Keep me company at


17:05 - Personally I think the Devils will be bouncing after the big win last night and having the owners over. I am guessing the Devils will take it by a 2.


17:04 - And Clive is saving the Devils after OT


17:04 - Some predictions coming in. Russky thinks this will be an OT or SO decided game.


17:00 - Half an hour to go is a REALLY late call.


17:00 - Whilst I've been getting ready, the Blaze have posted an article


16:58 - Meanwhile, for the Blaze Mike Egener did not ice last night. We can probably expect him to be absent for this one too.


16:57 - Looking around, Devils will be without Myers for being a very naughty boy last night at the Tent


16:55 - Whilst I try to remember how to work everything, feel free to send predictions to


16:51 - Good evening. Tonight you have Gareth (theStub) hosting MNL for the first time in a long time.

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