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    Rumour mill

    As an under 25 Brit he will be in quite high demand
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    20/21 Squad

    To keep 4 line hockey the backup goalie needs to be a under 25 so either perrie or lawaday maybe they take turns so they get games, We then need to find another under 25 lord has trust in that will be super hard. As even duggan in the last few games saw limited ice time and he’s one of the best...
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    Who’s going tonight???

    As far as I’m aware Sheffield season ticket is for a fair few less games
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    We look after our players!

    Evan Mosey has been sent to a Pro Hockey Camp in the US to aid his recovery, and I know we have used Pro camps for other players in the past. How can the grumkins still complain about our management set up when we invest in our players so much. I don’t know any other EIHL team that would stand...
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    Challenge cup ticket!

    Maybe try the steelers? As you defo arn’t a devils fan
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    DOPS Changes

    Pelech has definitely done worse hits this year
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    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    Depends, you talk a lot of rubbish does this make you a bin?
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    Storm Vs Devils - 04 Jan 20 - League

    We have been winning recently our total form hasn’t been perfect but we have been playing with a lot more intensity. Thursday and Saturday where a sudden sharp drop in form (we wernt great Wednesday either) what if the rumours are true and the nasty flu is going through the team, and you guys...
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    Storm Vs Devils - 04 Jan 20 - League

    Lol I actually thought I’d get it as it’s bad for £10 but £15 can do one
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    Steelers revolving door ....

    This! I love how our so called inferno hockey know it alls, fail at know the basics.
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    Steelers vs Devils - 30 Nov 19 - League

    Benti wasn’t even playing o font of hockey knowledge
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    What happened to cause his eye
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    Devils v Steelers

    All talk no substance is it? Thought U’d given up on us and no more games till we gas the lot of them, lovely to see you don’t mean what you say
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    Devils v Blaze - Challenge Cup 30/10

    Hang a Woe right there! devilsatw gassed him 2 weeks ago and gave him his P45, he can’t actually be playing well could he?
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    Devils v Blaze - Challenge Cup 30/10

    I’ve re read the rules we are defo playing Belfast, Guildford and top of group C will get to pick, neither of which will pick us or Belfast so we will be last 2 grouped together.