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    Road Jersey 94? Medium

    will pm you
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    1999 Jersey?

    Fave shirt(s) for me are the Superleague winning one 96/97, although also like the very early ones
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    1999 Jersey?

    You sent me the picture (thanks again Wannabe2)
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    1999 Jersey?
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    1999 Jersey?

    Hi, I've been trying to collate a jersey archive, and this one threw me. The consensus on here was that the Devil's used the same (or very similar) jersey in both 97/98 and 98/99 season, so included one each per year. The link to the archive can be seen below (its a work in progress), the 98/99...
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    Giants Vs Devils - League - 4th & 5th Feb 22

    Don't think so, webcast only
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    Playoff Weekend

    Yup, feel really sorry for those who have paid in advance for hotels etc. I'm one of the lucky ones as Im going to become a student for the weekend and crash in my daughters digs who is studying there. btw - just checking, playoff tickets havent gone on sale yet have they?
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    Wanted to buy - something

    I am sure you are right Kevlar, in terms of replicas (probably from the Old logo days), maybe a helmet if there are any around (although not idea how much they go for), game worn, will just have to gauge anything that comes up - or any old memorabilia that doesn't fit those categories. ps, i...
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    Wanted to buy - something

    I think she already has a 25 anniversary so looking for something different
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    Wanted to buy - something

    Thanks tigertemme, seen those but not quite what Im looking for, thanks anyway
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    Devils Vs Flyers - League - 28th Jan 22 - Homecoming Spectacular

    Saw a few people of Twitter defending it, but totally agree, bad hit. We'd (well most of us) be up in arms if that hit was on one of our guys!
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    Wanted to buy - something

    It's my daughter's 21st soon, so would like to get get something special which is Devils related, whether a game worn, maybe an early days replica (small) or some other memorabilia. If you have anything your willing to move on let me know. Please don't be offended if I say "no", she is a bit fussy!!
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    Devils Archive

    Just an update on this for those interested in this type of thing - thanks to people on here and some contacts via other routes, there are now over 120 jerseys on the archive including some of the older ones I was looking for. Same link, click on albums, best viewed on the web
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    Two Ales and Hockey Tales (with Wally)

    This is one of the things I haven’t got around to, so will give it a listen soon
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    Wanted - large hockey helmet

    As per title, looking for a large helmet either devils or potentially just a normal br added one, what you got?