All time devils team


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Jason Stone 21 seasons for the Devils, 842 league games for the Devils, local lad who had his shirt rightly retired. Jason Stone who gave 100% every game he played even when he wasn’t even getting paid. Jason Stone who always left everything out there on the ice, the same guy who adapted to many different standards of play, was he amazing no, was he a game changer no,was he reliable and dependable every time absolutely.
Each to their own. Not knocking his service as mentioned. For me he isn't close to an All Time Team.


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I seem to recall that stoney once won British defenseman of the year. That to me or him in the same bracket as coops and Richardson.
Personal opinion which I respect doesn’t change my view at all. Putting him the same bracket as Richardson is a big statement.


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The selection goes live at 18.00.. if you have not listened or watched the podcast it is out and a few points from here have been covered. It's all personal opinion and at end of day but it is great to be talking hockey again..


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Got to say the voting structure makes it a lot easier to choose but the one I struggled with was the coaches. Lawless, Lord, G and Heavey. Whilst G didn't accumulate the trophies the others did he had one heck of a job on his hands keeping the Devils competitive given the financial position and the ownership model. An incredible achievement. Then who could argue with what Lordo achieved and the trophies Heavey won whilst not being an established coach - like Lordo.
Great survey and good fun.


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A personal favourite of mine was Tylor Michel but not sure how long he was a devil for? Jon pelle also?
The Jason Stone debate by the way is a fascinating one. Hard to disagree with moggy or eds, even though their views are different.


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Not biting Kingmo, you little tinker, although ROBBIE was pure class and it was certainly a close call, one was a Wizard, and one was a Sorceress apprentice. Think Seventh Heaven just edged it, he couldn’t skate like Millette but made up for that with passion.