Andre payette


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Anyone else noticed he has gone missing?
The post is on Twitter,
Somewhere in Stoke he was seen last.

Used to love watching him play for blaze and vipers back in the day even though he used to rough us up and score a few good goals.

Sad times I hope he is found


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Hopefully Andre will be found and safe, and he can get on the road to recovery, sure was a Entertainer and worth the entry money to see. Keeping our fingers crossed for him.


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Oh no , what an entertainer , gave our boys a few pastings , not many were succesful against him, always wished we had him in our team but we had the lord mayor at the time he was playing..
Payette what a player not the best technique wise but sure knew how to throw them .Used to love watching him down here especially when he was with the blaze.
That's good news. Although he was tough Vother always had his number in games I saw them on the ice at the same time. However he was a frightening sight close up when he took his helmet off, coloured mohican haircut etc.

Paul Sullivan

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Over-riding memory of Payette (aside from 'that' first game in Cardiff) where he dominated, was him taking the playoff trophy from his teammates to give to the fans to drink out of in the Castle (now Legend) in Nottingham. Struck me as a very classy move.
Great guy with heart of a lion. Always dedicated team member. I really hope someone can help him get back to Canada with his family or have some form of support at least whilst he is here.
According to someone on THF:

'He was discharged from hospital and dropped off at an unknown house by the police. He has since gone off the radar again with his family reporting his phone has been stolen. Worrying time for them being so far away and unable to do anything. It seems he isn't ready to accept help yet, I hope he is found safe and well soon'

If true this is not good. I hope that he is found safe and well also.