Andrew Lord


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So so sorry to see Andrew going, we were in very good hands with him at the helm and his record was superb. But someone as dedicated and hardworking as Lordo has to set their sights high, and if he never tried to improve he would always wonder just what he could have achieved. Gutted for us but so happy for Lordo, myself I wouldn’t think twice about retiring his shirt, a great player, a untrue coach, a real devil, and one of life’s real gents. Thank you so much Andrew, we will always be in your debt.
Happy Hockey Days buddy.


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Good move for him. The rumours about him going to wheeling as an assistant coach just didn’t seem right. I could obviously see him going to the AHL as an assistant but I just didn’t seem him leaving us to be an assistant in the coast. I’m sure he will try his best to help the devils with our recruitment in the future which is a positive.
Congratulations Mr Lord. You have done a great job for us. You can be very proud of what you achieved during the last 6 years, as a player, a coach and a gentleman. A good role model for any aspiring ice hockey player. I wish you every success in your new job.


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Just saw this. Got the same feeling as when Lawless moved to Manchester. I was gutted then and I'm gutted now, maybe even more so after the dark years and all the hunger and loss the club and fans experienced, which Andrew and the owners put an end to.

I'm happy for Andrew and wish him the best in North America, he has served this club well and long may he continue to have success which is brought on by his dedication, focus and style. Thank you Lordo for all you have done.


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Give Mac Faulkner a crack, he helped out on the bench when his season came to an end through injury, knows the league and set up, not sure on coaching record but lordo didnt have any as far as i know..


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Import not that straight forward

First what is the shirt price - if sales tax included on advertised price then it should not be charged for export reducing the price from £20 to £19 each. To which has to be added VAT - so £24 - £22.80

Then assuming more than 30 shirts there is a 16.5% import tariff taking unit cost to £23.30 - £22.13 ex VAT. VAT inclusive then becomes £27.30 - £25.93

There will obviously be a saving on p&p just do not expect your shirt cost to be as shown on the site.

It may be worth talking to Corky. When I bought a shirt direct from a NHL team store it came in at £ 20 more than he was selling the same shirt for - and it was in the shop before mine had cleared customs even though i bought on launch day