Any updates on our Devils players in Europe

Joey Martin - 1 game 1 goal for Stavenger
1 goal 1 assist in pre-season game v Lillehammer
Next game October 10th v Stjernen


Sam Duggan - 1 game - 0 points so far for Segeltorps IF
Next game 7th October v Hudiksvalls


Evan Mosey - 1 game - 0 points for Gap
Currently playing now against Amiens for his second game, 0-0 in the first period
Next game after that 9th October v Chamonix


Mark Richardson - DEL2 season hasn't begun yet. Played in EC Bad Nauheims 4-1 win over Crimmitschau last month.
Season isn't set to begin for a while for DEL2, first game is currently scheduled for Nov 6.


I believe they're the only ones who are out on "loan".

Other Devils;

Fournier with Bolzano - 2 games, 2 goals, 2 assists - Second in defensive scoring in the league behind Alex Wall (Vienna) and tied with Dominique Heinrich (Salzburg), Jerome Leduc (Vienna) and Oliver Setzinger (Graz99ers)

Bowns, solid start but unfortunate injury obviously with Graz99ers

Matias Sointu - 4 games - 2 assists for Kiekko-Vantaa in the Finnish Metsis.
Next game 9th October v Kiekko-Espoo

Bryce Reddick - Atlanta Gladiators - season hasn't started yet, last I saw it's expected to start December 4th


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Thank you Oliver so much, great to keep up with what’s happening. So good of you to do this and really appreciate It.Would be awesome if you could keep us up to speed on what’s happening, few beers later down the road would be good. Thank you mate, means a lot.


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Yeah, Bowns injury quite bad - knee, out for a few months.

Riley has put on his Twitter that he's announcing some 'signing' news tomorrow at 12pm...whether that's a move or something else I have no idea.
Duggan in action tonight, 7-4 loss on the night but a first goal for Duggan.

Good turnover at the blue line, feeds an open teammate and continues towards net, gets the return pass 1 on 0 against the goalie.
Pulls to the backhand and lifts it upstairs for a nice first goal with Segeltorps.

He also had a fight and a game misconduct but I can’t find footage of that
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Latest updates.

Duggan scoreless on Friday night in a 3-2 loss, played on the second line.

Evan Mosey gets his first assist of the season in a 5-1 win on Friday night.

Joey Martin 1 goal and 1 assist in a 4-1 win for Stavanger today. 2 goals and an assist through 2 games.

Duggan back in action tomorrow at 3pm, and also Mark Richardson in action in pre-season action for EC Bad Nauheim against Bietigheim at 5:30 tomorrow.
I don't understand why the club doesn't do more to promote this? Have you tried to reach out to help Oliver? You're doing a brilliant job here but not everyone will see it?


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I think the club got enough on their hands at the moment without tracking our players in Europe. Keeping our great club afloat is the main thing so I'm happy for them just to concentrate on that.


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Joeys Norwegian league has closed down until at least mid feb, due to Corona. Pubs and Restuarants serving take aways only with no alcohol, non essential shops closed pretty much like here. What a bummer.