BBC sports today - blast from the past


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the cooper brothers those were the days.
i would love to see a team reunited video ( like bands reunited ) the coopers, paul heavy Shanon hope, lawless , jef, stevie, chinn,
to see their views of then and now.


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That was awesome thanks for sharing. A little bit before my time as a Devils fan. Great to watch. Really good quality video considering the year!
Pictures came direct from the BBC archives by Chris from sports dept BBC Wales, so they are very good. Great memories who remembers the Green Giant pub in Wembley.


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The UK game has changed a lot over the years but that final still ranks as the most tense and exciting sporting occasion I've ever experienced. I guess that's why it's still being raised on the BBC website some 30 years on. An incredible hockey game.


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Wish I had been there. The highlights showed how good hockey can be on TV. Who else misses Grandstand? For me Saturday was down to Woolies for mixed bag of sweets, the home to watch Grandstand for the afternoon. (including Wrestling with Giant Haystacks, Big Daddy and Adrian Street)


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Yeah it was. Grandstand was mainly horse racing with other major sporting events thrown in around it on that weekend.


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.... and for those of a certain age, the viewing choice on a Saturday morning was either Swap Shop with Noel Edmonds or Tiswas with Chris Tarrant!


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We managed to get the majority of the 1990 team to come and have a chat and re live that season and weekend on the Behind the Bench podcast. We will be releasing the episode in the next couple of weeks, but it was clear all the guys loved this time of their career.

Hope you enjoy it when we are able to release it!
I will never forget that weekend, you never believe the number of people on our bench during the penalty shoot out.

Coop in the tunnel after missing his shoots, Dicky smoking on the bench

RIP - Dicky and Heather