Belfast double header in Feb


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For any fans heading to belfast and flying to belfast international airport, we’ve got space on buses running to all hotels and back. Bus will drop you off to the door of the hotel and pick you up outside the door.

Thursday 8:05am land 10 spaces

Thursday 3:45pm land 12 spaces

Thursday 8:20pm land 11 spaces

Friday 10:10am land 8 spaces

Friday 2:15pm land 13 spaces

Friday 3:45pm land 5 spaces

Sunday flight 2:55pm 5 spaces

Sunday 4pm/4:30pm flight 4 spaces

Sunday 8:45pm flight 10 spaces

Return cost is £7.50

One way £4

Taxi would cost £35 each way

Airport bus is £12 return but only stops at the Europa hotel. The airport is around 25 minutes from the city.
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