Benti retires


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Massive player for us in the trophy winning years, defo be missed, thats regardless of his stats season gone but gave it all 110% good luck the Benti family in your new ventures.


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Frustrating as fans we couldn't give Benti the send off he deserved. One of Lordos best signings.
Agree, that is the biggest shame, one of the best signings as he (along with Ulmer) brought a winning mentality to the team. Hopefully next season something can be organised for say thank you.

Good luck in the future to all the Bentiviglios
Not the season he would have wanted to go out on but he's been a fantastic player for us, I actually think that his best period with us was from the game where he checked Liam Stewart, after that game he seemed to play the rest of that season with a real edge to his game and I thought from then on was the best he played for the Devils