Best up coming GB goalie?

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Cardiff have used the services of Tyler Perre, Jordan Lawday to back up Bownsy, but who is the best up coming British Nettie? Your thoughts please.
That’s a real tough question! To me I think Perre, Lawday and Scanlan all have potential but do they have the potential to be next GB starter?

If Lawday signs another two-way with a team like MKL then that’s a step in the right direction for him, getting the game time and the training with an EIHL club will only benefit his development, out of the three the Devils have had he probably has the best shot.

Outside of that, I think Jordan Hedley has a shot, he may be 23 and an EIHL backup but whenever I’ve seen him in action in the league I’ve always liked his game. But I don’t see him taking a starting role in Coventry right now, again I think he would benefit a bit more if he got a bit more game time in the NIHL. He did make a cameo appearance in the NIHL last year but right now he probably needs to do that a bit more next season.

One guy in the NIHL now at 22-years-old is Renny Marr, backed up in Coventry as a teenager, spent the last few years with Swindon, best save percentage in the league last year on an admittedly strong Wildcats team.

Will Kerlin up in Sheffield as well is one to keep your eye on. 19 years old, good links between the Steelers and Steeldogs, he’s in a really good situation to continue to develop. Before signing for Sheffield he had an insane year over in Canada, .944 save percentage. Goalies take a lot longer to develop but he’ll be one to keep eye on for sure. Admittedly at the World Juniors this year I thought Perre was the better of the two goalies, but definitely a lot of potential for both of them.

Other than that some names to know, Massimo Agostini, Curtis Warburton, Lucas Brine, Harrison Walker, Ryan Wardell, Kyle Landells and plenty of others as well.

There’s plenty of good young Brit goalies scattered around North America as well that we don’t get to see too much of, but there’s some decent young goalies out there.