Brett PERLINI, Mike Prpich and Co

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    Can someone please advise me why Brett Perlini's brother Brendon Perlini is not on the British Rosta?

    He has played for Canada u20's and u18's previously but I thought he would still be eligible as he hasn't played for a senior national team?

    Does anyone remember their father Fred Perlini playing in Britain. Crazy stats. I recall several seasons well over 100 points and in particular 92/93 season he posted the following stats:- GP-31. Goals-135. Assists-91. Total-226 (Yes Genuine miles on the clock).

    Also......something to consider......
    We all know how good Mike Prpich was for us and the skill he possessed. He is currently playing for Kenaston Blizzard (Semi Pro Team I believe), his stats recently are:
    Mike Prpich: GP-11. Goals-13. Assists-5. Total-18.

    On his team when you take into account and compare his own skill level he seems to have some very very good young players that it may benefit us to look at. These are, to name a few:-
    1) Cody Pettapiece (Defence aged 23) GP-15. Goals-4. Assists-18. Total-22, previous season 15/16 is GP-39. Goals-18. Assists-64. Total-82.

    2) Rhett Kehoe (LW/C aged 24). GP-18. Goals-23. Assists-26. Total-49.

    3) Eric Asbjornhus (LW aged 22).
    GP-20. Goals-18. Assists-27. Total-45.

    4) Evan Zdunich (Defence aged 24).
    GP-20. Goals-4. Assists-16. Total-20.

    As I said I know these play in a lower division but compare them to how much skill we know Prpich had and also their ages and I think they maybe worth keeping a very close eye on.
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    U20 and U18 count as international tournaments and therefore Brendan Perlini would need to play in the UK for 4 years without representing Canada before he is eligible to play for team GB,due to IIHF rules
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    Due to the level they play at they wouldn't get visas. Many leagues are open to coming here but I dont think amateur leagues are.

    Also Mike Prpich was good for us a number of years ago, but I don't think would be anywhere near our top 3 lines at his best, due to the way the league has moved on so many levels - and if those players are putting up similar points to a 10 year retired Mike Prpich I don't think they'd ever be anywhere near an EIHL shirt.
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    Also, i highly doubt Brendan Perlini would have any interest in playing for GB.

    The same for Brett Perlini - he would have been selected for GB years ago but probably no interest in travelling over. Also the ECHL play-offs are likely still being played at the time so it's very tricky.

    The same can be said for Scott Conway:
    and Joseph Lewis:

    Would be a top level brit and shine on our shores/team GB but you can't force players to come.

    (There may be other reasons why they don't represent, this is just my uneducated opinion).

    Just regarding the Mike Prpich thing, don't under estimate the difference in standard between semi-pro leagues and pro leagues, these kids are excelling, these players would likely be on par with our own NIHL.

    Here's a very quick comparison -

    Top scorer in that league this year -

    Jonathan Boxill played at a very similar level while playing in NCAA III.

    The hardest part is transitioning from a full time job to full-time hockey, and in most cases players won't play at all after NCAA III.
    It's impossible to play a sport to a professional level if these kids aren't brought up in the game; and once you commit 40 hours a week to a job you'll struggle to catch up to those that didn't!

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