Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20


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As we are now officially in the off season.. here we go with the Devils Confirmed signings and departures thread 2019/20 season.

Key words "Confirmed"; "signings" and "departures" - if its not one of those.. it doesn't live here.

Confirmed signings only here so no "heard it from a mate who knows a guys who's sister said" stuff, please post that stuff HERE

For signings for all the other teams, use the thread HERE

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I expect those who didn't want any of the current team back will be disappointed. For the majority of us it's fantastic news and a great start to the weekend!!


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Nice one to start off with, think they should announce re-signing, new signing, re-signing, new signing etc just to spice it up a bit :p

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as far as im aware this was the third year of a three year deal. was never announced but i believe this was the case. Either way really happy to have marty back, best player in the league regularly.