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Is it just an optical illusion that there are ‘bronze’ patches on the red jersey?

Comparing the two, it seems likely that it's the same pattern of thin green stripes printed on both shirts but in every photo I’ve seen it looks like “red on bronze” (and about the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen on a shirt).

I’ve tried zooming in an various pictures, but it turns into a pixelated mess long before I can separate red and green as distinct colours in those stripey bits.


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Red and green make brown or i guess a bronze like colour so that's the reason. Last seasons was better.
£80 is that with name and number?


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I think the white jersey has turned out quite nice, maybe a little overkill on the amount of green but it looks sharp. Can't say the same for the red however.. those stripes look awful.
From the look of it on twitter and in the website it looks like £80 for the jersey and £45 for the name and number, I'm probably wrong though
As far as I’m aware it’s £80 with free name and number (but you have to add it as a note when ordering as it’s part of the printing)

The normal Devils jerseys are hand stitched not printed so names and numbers can be added later and are £45 on top of the usual price of the jersey


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If its 80 plus 45 your better off waiting and getting from CHL shop, i got my partners for £81 plus postage with name and number last season
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“All you have to do is pick your size and colour and then add to cart. Before checking out you can click on ADD A NOTE and put in a name and number that you want to have on the back of the jersey. “

Just done above as instructed - £80
The red on green is a by-product of having the same stock design (green lines) on the main colour of the shirt (white/red) so I doubt anybody actually designed it that way.

In any event the white one grew on me so picked one up for my trip to Gothenburg


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I’m still undecided on the Red and White main season jerseys - not a fan currently of the stripes on the sleeves

White CHL is smart though