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Apparently Belfast have said they would not play in the CHL next season even if they win the Continental cup this weekend.

Would GB still have two places available?


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If they win the Conti Cup and decline the CHL, I would think that their spot would go to the Conti Cup runners up rather than a second UK spot.

If they win the league and decline, then hopefully it will go to second place as that would almost certainly be us. But could also go to Challenge Cup winners.


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I can’t work out whether to be sympathetic towards Belfast on this or furious. To be honest looking at the bigger picture of how much the CHL has done to bring mainstream acceptance of British hockey within the European hockey community i’m pretty angry with them to potentially throw away a second space for uk hockey. If their reasoning is financial though is hard to argue with the decision though.

At least we know which way Thornton voted in the referendum #Grexit


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Belfast are claiming the cost of the CHL is equal to the cost of signing a Patrick Dwyer, and asking which their fans would prefer.
To me that’s nonsense as they’ve carried several spare imports throughout the season.

If you look at the upcoming events for their arena, they already have booking for Aug/Sep/Oct 2019. If the CHL game days are similar to this season then they’d clash with 4 Little Mix concerts.

The fact is the owners make more money from concerts than they do Ice Hockey. Indeed, it’s the profits from that which pays for their big budget roster. Which probably means the Giants will never be able to enter the CHL.

It might also explain why the AVFTB guys have been so anti-CHL. They probably got a tip-off from the owners about it previously.

I just hope that Belfast’s attitude towards the CHL doesn’t hinder the relationship the CHL has withnthe rest of the EIHL. Because the CHL have been so complimentary towards us in Cardiff over the past two years.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s now in the best interests of British ice hockey for Belfast to lose tonight rather than win.


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So rob the fans of their hard eared cash with 3 home Cont. Cup games, with the expectation of a win and the prize of competing in the CHL.(not sure but Odyssey prob got paid for hosting this event). Then take away from those same fans the chance to play in the CHL which was the whole point of this event in the 1st place.
I think this stinks and shows disrespect to the Giants fans & CHL as a competition.
Posted this on "....Its bugging me" thread as well


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I've also heard last night( before they lost) that it was more to do with scheduling - the CHL fixtures are announced so late that they wouldn't be able to book the O for it (As Ice Hockey comes below EVERYTHING on the O's priority list), whereas the Conti cup dates were given well in advance.

I haven't done any looking into any of that information though (because honestly i don't care enough) so if it is wrong feel free to shut me up!


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Your probably right. Apparently Little Mix are already booked into the O around the dates we had for CHL games,

Does seem to indicate how much the O values ice hockey