Condolences to Steve King and family

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Sorry for your loss and thoughts are with you at this time. From what I read your father was a great man

Kind Regards


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We are so sorry for your loss Mr King. There is nothing worse than losing your dad. Keep strong and remember all the wonderful memories you made with him.


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I echo the sentiment above, Steve. Sometimes online condolences can seem a bit hollow, but in the Devils community, I think it's safe to say we all look out for each other.

All the best in this difficult time, buddy.


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Steve - the influence of your Dad on your life will last forever and keep you strong and safe at times just like this. Thinking of you and your Family.


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Thank you to everyone on this board, those that have reached out through Twitter and email. So many Devils fans, staff and players have taken the time to share their thoughts - what special hockey family we have.

My whole family has been overwhelmed with kindness and support. My Dad was an extremely unique man in the way he treated people and in the way he only saw positivity in any situation. What a gift.

I’m so pleased that he was able to come with me to see the Devils win the 2017 Challenge Cup. He absolutely lived for those kind of moments and immediately became a hard core Devils fan.

We all go through this eventually, which doesn’t make it easier, but it sure makes it easier when you’ve got such beautiful people around you.

Thank you