EIHL 2020/21 Arena Webcast


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Speculating. No idea of the actual logistics...

It seems clear (from various throwaway remarks in various interviews) that, financially, Dundee Stars and Fife Flyers are hit particularly hard by the premature end to the season. Neither arena is particularly large and they are far enough North that travelling fan income seems fairly minimal.

On occasion, I’ve watched webcasts from both clubs. £15 for a webcast always feels like a lot, but realistically it’s a hell of a lot less than it costs me to watch a game at Viola (transport, food, merch, usually 1-2 guests). I’m guessing that the webcast viewing figures aren’t enormous, but also suspect they are higher than I think.

Has anyone investigated screening these games (either at Viola or a local pub)? Ticket sales to the broadcast team (eg. £5), bar sales to the venue, probably some limited fund raising for Devils (eg. raffle, mini 50/50 draw).

Can’t see it impacting on fans willingness to travel. Might put some extra money into the teams that are struggling a bit.