Fie adolfson moves on


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Looks like the devils are going to be a very different organisation when things get going again. Good luck to her, on her watch the club have been the best in the league for fan engagement.


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Great shame, nice girl very helpful, but with no income coming in it was only a matter of time, wish the young lady all the very best for her future.


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Hmmm, not sure the Devils would make her redundant - social media is THE way the Organisation will keep in touch with the fans. If there's no output during this extended off season then there will be serious loss of the fringe fans when we come back.

Kelman has wished her luck with her new 'assignment' so maybe she has something offered to her. Who knows.

On that point I see one of the Greenville media team has left today...Lordo shopping in the EIHL again? Again, who knows!


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Oh, that's sad to see. I hope she has something lined up.

Fie, if you do read this, all the very best for the future.


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Shame to see Fie go, i hope it's on her terms & not something she had no choice in.

All the best for the Fie & thank you for doing a fantastic job (and being a fantastic person!)
From what I've heard both Fie and the young kid they had working in the office where made redundant when furlough ended. Hopefully they've both been able to find other jobs - tough times out there.