Looking at the online booking there are 4 or 5 blocks almost full ... most other blocks only have a scattering of reservations


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Why should we have reduced price tickets, this is not a Devils event, we ain’t even in it.
Think he was making the point that as Devil ST holders are local (and as there is going to be a half full arena at best) if offer'd reduced price may wish to go and watch a CC final.
Think we are all well aware that we ain't in it.


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If they were sold on the day, walk up with discount fair enough as they know exactly what seats are available to sell off.
Same as last year. Is there a Devils fan going that may be able to get me a programme as I save these?
Maybe buy yours off you at face value plus the postage once you have read.

Would be much appreciated. Maybe I can do something in return.

Mick (Nottingham)
I can get you one will you be at playoffs
Hi, What a great offer. But have been contacted by your Media team and so will be making an arrangement over the phone tomorrow to have one sent on Friday when they arrive.
Just came on the PC to see Fie Adolfsen and your offer of help. So many thanks and have a good end of the season, less Nottingham meets you in the Play-Offs ...(cough)...much appreciated and anything I can do in return please let me know though I don't get to games much now.