Frölunda vs Devils - 8 Oct 19 - CHL


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Watching Belfast now - first shift from Farnham and he throws more hits in one shift than we did all night. That’s the way you have to play against these skilled teams. Let them skate like they want with all the time in the world and they’ll slaughter you. They may still hammer Giants but at least they’ve started with a bang!


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Accepting that Frölunda were a class apart and exceptional. I thought it was an incredibly naive performance from us. I think Lord will be really disappointed with that. 3 powerplay from their Captain that we’re exact replicas. Not shut out though and I thought Bowns put on a great show.



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As it stands (Graz 99 0:2 Mountfield HK, 20:00), Frölunda will needs points in Cardiff to guarantee their own CHL progress.

Hoping that changes, as obviously it would be better for us if they can afford to send their reserve team next week. ;)


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Game end

58:04 Goal - 9:2. FHC Penalty Shot. Goal by Samuel Fagemo.

55:26 Goal - 8:2. FHC Power Play Goal. Goal by Joel Lundqvist assisted by Rhett Rakhshani and Ryan Lasch.

47:37 Goal - 7:2. FHC Power Play Goal. Goal by Joel Lundqvist assisted by Ryan Lasch.

46:31 Goal - 6:2. FHC Equal Strength. Goal by Brandon Gormley assisted by Nicklas Lasu and Mats Rosseli-Olsen.

44:21 Goal - 5:2. CAR Power Play Goal. Goal by Joey Haddad assisted by Matthew Myers and Joey Martin.

42:51 Goal - 5:1. FHC Equal Strength. Goal by Jacob Peterson assisted by Theodor Lennström and Karl Stollery.

2nd Period End

34:59 Goal - 4:1. FHC Equal Strength. Goal by Samuel Fagemo assisted by Simon Hjalmarsson and Ryan Lasch.

27:07 Goal - 3:1. FHC Equal Strength. Goal by Karl Stollery assisted by Nicklas Lasu and Johan Mattsson.

24:23 Goal - 2:1. CAR Equal Strength. Goal by Joey Martin assisted by Bryce Reddick and Matthew Pope.

23:30 Goal - 2:0. FHC Power Play Goal. Goal by Joel Lundqvist assisted by Rhett Rakhshani and Ryan Lasch.

1st Period End

0:35 Goal - 1:0. FHC Equal Strength. Goal by Patrik Carlsson.


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Can only agree with what many have posted, very disappointed with the performance even taking in to consideration the team we were playing and the fact we were 2 quality players missing. Our D were all over the place at times and did not cover players or zones they were supposed to. Soft and at time unnecessary penalties given away which led to even poorer power kill positioning from experienced players. Felt we played a much too high line of game which allowed their players far too much space to set up chance after chance.


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I wish more would do it at home.
It’s a weird one, but these days you do actually need guidance from the venue.

Some places (in my experience, mostly cinemas) now ask you to leave the litter because they are better able to separate it for recycling. Some people chucking it in the bin, somehow became a bigger problem than everyone just leaving rubbish on the floor. :rolleyes:

Clean up your own mess... and hope it catches on?


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Very tough game. Obviously Frolunda is at another level from what we've probably ever seen but with that being said, they should not beat us by seven goals. From my viewing, I actually would not put the majority of the blame for the poor defensive coverage on the dmen. Most of the goals scored were more attributable to the forwards and their defensive coverage. To defend a team like Frolunda, it is a six man effort and nothing less. We'll clean that up in our home rink and 3000 Devils fans will spur the boys on! Don't count us out yet.


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That’s not a surprising result. Great experience, just hope it doesn’t impact some players negatively. Sometimes when your top of your home league going into a competition like this can cause people to lose confidence in themselves, a reality check that your not as good as your fans believe you to be. Professional sports people aren’t always as tough mentally as people believe, particularly when their outclassed to the extent they were tonight. There is no second, third place in the mindset of pro’s, it’s only winners & losers, nobody wants to lose that badly.

We had players missing, so too had Frolunda, missing two top guys with recently picked up injuries. The SHL regularly send young talent to the NHL and attract top players dropping down, how anybody thought we could compete, is taking hope a little far, if a little far was miles away.


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Well I remain to be convinced by our defensive unit this year and that’s not just based on watching this game - and I certainly think we need more size at the back end. It might not be fashionable but for me, we need another big, stay at home D man who knows how to defend first and foremost. I could not believe the number of times Frölunda seemed to waltz through the neutral zone right between our defencemen and in on goal, with not a hit in sight. That‘s just not Devils hockey. It was a 7 goal game but it could have been 10 or more, if it wasn’t for Bowns‘ heroics in the first two periods. I hope Lord gets them going next week with a few harsh words and we see some real Devils hockey next Tuesday and regain some respect. I’m sure the crowd will play their part. It’s now up to the team to do the same.
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