GB vs France

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At 15.15 the puck drops on our last game in the Worlds this year, and we'll be fighting for the chance to return in 2020. A regulation win will save us from relegation, whereas anything else sends us down a division.

It's going to be a tough match, but it's one we have a hope of winning. Whatever happens, we've got an awful lot to be proud of. The performances against Germany and USA in particular were stellar, with our Devils putting in some seriously good shifts. And then there's Bownsy, reminding us once again what a hero he is.

The championships have been amazing to watch, and i hope we get to see them with GB again next year!


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Will be tough. Mr. Murphy pointed out in commentary last night (Frogs V Finn's), that France have been in top tier for the past 12 yrs.
Must have something to be there for that long.
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Cheers for the update. Work's reared its head so I've had to rely on the always accurate Flashscores. Stats for the first are split straight down the middle.



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Just need a goal before the 3rd.

For those touting for Lake and Hammond to be a Dev I'd agree after this competition.

And as I type BOOM . 3-1


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So was the first no one picking the guy up.....shame as they have done well but like the CHL you need to grow into this tournament and learn from your mistakes quickly ...and stay out of the box which has killed us !