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Just spotted the announcement about the rebranding from Braehead to Glasgow Clan.

Smart move, and a better logo.

Wondered what the general consensus was?


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Glasgow Clan is much better, and may just appeal to a bigger audience. They are representing the City, not a suburb. Yes let’s hope Webcast’s are now forthcoming, however it is still Neil Black and he don’t believe in them.

Rob Batch

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What is it with Neil Black? I don't understand why or how he owns 2 teams in EIHL or why he refuses to do webcasts. It's the 21st century, keep up Neil !!
His excuse for not having webcasts is that it will reduce attendances, and that he would only put them on if they were sold out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Clan sell out virtually ever week? Unlikely to happen at Nottingham though (except for games v Steelers)
If that's his worry they could put a block on these webcast within a certain distance from each barn (think Dundee do this) simple really. But then again this is Neil Black we`re talking about lol
Personally I think that ALL teams should do webcasts.