Help by signing this Petition to Save the farmland at Cosmeston

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Not sure if it is ok to post this here. Apologies if it not.

Please help if you can.
The Welsh Government are proposing to build 576 houses and flats on farmland (they own) at Cosmeston, just south of Penarth, near Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and Medieval Village. I won't go into the details of the devastation it will cause in the area, you can see this on the petition

Keep Cosmeston Green need over 5,000 signatures in order that the petition may be considered in the Senedd. We have around 3,700 at present.
Could you be so kind to click this link to see the petition and sign and share it with family and friends, iif you are able.
Save the farmland and green fields at Cosmeston

Signing the Petition - Shared e-mail address.
The Petition system allows for up to two members in the Household to submit names to the petition using a shared email address, with each name submitted separately.
i.e. Person A submits their name on petition using the email address. Then person B submits their name on petition using the email address (shared).
Children can also sign the petition. People living outside Wales, can sign too, even overseas.

Link to planning register where comments can be registered :-
Lower Cosmeston Farm

Michael Garland
(Chair - Keep Cosmeston Green)