Joey Martin interview


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Good to hear Joey's doing well, but he sounds a bit frustrated. Also interesting that Haddad is "off to camp". I'm guessing he's going to turn up in Greenville.


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Nice to hear that it rains there more than Cardiff and it’s way too expensive. We wouldn’t want him liking it there too much!


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I'm a Celebrity surely.
Can't wait to see him do a Bush Tucker Trial !
Can imagine him doing one ..... unsighted, putting his hand in some dark, damp, creepy hole and rummaging around for a star ..... then the camera pans into the hole and we see the fat overgrown orange Simmsy bug in there nibbling at his fingers! YUK !!!!!!


Coincidentally I have 2 Norwegian friends, one lives just outside Stavanger and the other lives up north and their nearest town is Narvik where Martin mentions he had a game coming up.


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Bit off topic but during WW11 (and after) a hyperbolic Longe Range navigation system was developed(for ships and aircraft) . It was called LORAN. One of the transmitters was located at Stavanger.
I remember trying to get a fix with it in the middle of Southern Indian Ocean.