Mike McNamee returns for season #2


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I am thrilled by this signing. He always seemed to pop up with important parts or goals, and I think he has a lot of potential to get even better. This is the sort of guy you want to stick around long term and become part of the next core group.


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You get the feeling there’s more to come from McNamee (if the season gets going). He impressed last season and 34 points is a decent return. I think he showed enough at times though to suggest he can do even better
Quality player with loads of potential, can play up or down the lines and great on face-offs.
A future core player!
4 quality centres for next season, when and if next season starts.


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I think we only have 3 centres signed.
Though if next season isn't going to start soon, I think 4 lines might be over kill for the coming season.
This is a Awsum signing , I think the guy was fantastic last season wasn’t given the credit he deserved, if we can keep him I think he would come up in big games for us , from his interview seems as if he classes it as a second home that many players do , squad is looking good so far


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Friday afternoon treats! Was hoping but not expecting for us to be welcoming Mike back. This is an excellent signing. He was fantastic last season and an injury at the wrong time for him stopped him doing even better. TK and the Club really rate him.... its great they are already planning the future core of the team.


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Happy with his return, especially his form at tail end of the season, still a bit quiet other teams , us and steelers out in front with signings,concerned about belfast and nottingham not doing much,