MKL v Devils - Sun 14 Oct - CC


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Devils travel to Milton Keynes on Sunday night for a Challenge Cup clash. Devils beat MKL 9-1 in the home leg but we'll see a different team now as MK have got more bodies in and picked up some impressive scalps since.


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Not one post on a win tonight lol....
Bring on the next loss and this forum goes crazy GUARANTEED.
You haven’t exactly made any positive comments - or otherwise - about the game yourself have you ? What’s your take on the result ?
Anyway, just seen the result and glad of any road win, good to notice Murdy got a start. Don’t think Lord will be pleased to leak a couple of goals late on, especially as we had a 5 on 3 and failed to score.


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I must admit I was a little concerned by how much we eased up in the third, but the points were in the bag by that stage.
On to Tuesday !


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It’s all about next weekend now, we never pushed ourselves tonight, rightly so, and Tues is a practice session. On to the Steelers and the very dangerous Flyers.
Hedden and again in three or so matches. Top scorer in CHL and about the only one who can score one on one. We can all do the maths here......


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Think it was Fouiner but not 100% called straight away by refs had a chat then called the 10mins on top of the 2mins.
He got up straight away
No need to fight guys.....ask DaCosta and Marsh.....

Nope Hedden again head hunted.....

if not sure then go away and check your facts ffs

He may also have regained his skates but played differently thereafter. Still he got back up eh?

no crime here no foul, move along......seriously?
I appear to have been summarised here so that my posts look a little different than in real time. is this normal or am I special? careful now I am vulnerable,,,,,,,,,,,,but also open to comment hahaha
I was at the game last night - hilariously sat in the MK owners seats in amongst all of the MK season ticket holders behind the players benches. I should explain - my partners parents are MKL season ticket holders and although we bought tickets elsewhere we sat there as apparently the owners never show up.

Great game in the end as it looked like we'd end up winning by 6, 7+ half ways through the second period. Murdy played well and made some decent saves. Being right behind the benches I heard and saw Lordo going crazy at the officials when Fournier was called for hooking in the second which MK then scored on that powerplay before Fournier going straight back in bin again after a word with the ref as he came out - he didn't even make it back to the bench before going back in again. Morissette deserved his MOTM.

Devils probably should have run away with it at 4-0 up but end result is we're already through to quarters and can maybe give Murdy another couple of games for the last 2 group stage games in a couple of weeks. Happy days.