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After tonight's bad day at the office let's get behind the boys starting tomorrow..if we want that title we need to beat the clan twice imho..then hopefully the run in will take care of themselves..the players need us as much as we need them to perform...onwards and upwards. .good luck all.


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Not a great result tonight but that's hockey, we've had Steelers number all season so they were due one unfortunately they chose tonight to collect. Two games against the clan next so let's do what we fans do best and that's be loud and proud and give the guys 100 % support.
Nice to see a few of us still got a positive attitude as after a loss it,s soul destroying reading the inferno, reading so many negative comments from Devils supporters / fans
you can do it boys..... let’s go devils

Rich Best

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It is great to read some positivity. Who would have thought 5 years ago that we could have it in our own hands to secure an unprecendented 3rd league title in a row with only 6 games left.

I think it is important not to forget where we have come from, stay humble and remember the sheer work ethic that has got our team and our club to where it is today.

We have no more right than Belfast to win this title. The team that does it will deserve it, perhaps more than ever. Come on boys, feed off our Welsh rugby team and make history. Stay focused, one shift at a time.


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I have to say that I have steered clear of the match thread as I haven’t got the energy to challenge it if it descends into the ‘we are rubbish’, ‘X is rubbish’ that sometimes happens but frankly, 9 times out of 10 we would have won last night, Dixon missed an open goal, we dominated for large spells and outshot them heavily. It was only a few defensive brain fades that allowed Sheffield onto the game. As a hockey game it was superb entertainment for a massive crowd and frankly, I drove home a bit frustrated but still sure that this team is easily good enough to win the league. As with any team, at any time, there are a few players who are not quite on it, but.... so have Belfast and I would rather be in our position than there’s.