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Who would you like to see in charge?

I think it will be someone from within the UK/Devils camp given the uncertainty surrounding next season, although I think Chris Culligan might have be an interesting choice. An extremely intelligent player, knows the club and culture here, and has some coaching experience now as an assistant at the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles.


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Whoever it is, it'll be a double edged sword - a fantastic opportunity with good backers, but impossible shoes to fill in terms of Lord's record.

Fascinating times ahead.

terry hunt

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I hope we dont get a coach from an EIHL team past or present.I believe we will be better off with a fresh guy.
Please no calls for Lawless,Thommo,Finnerty etc,etc who would bring in loads of baggage.
A coach recommended by Lordo would be an exception.He knows what our club needs.


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I've always said Omar Pacha but the more I think about it, the more I'd like to see us go for someone completely new to UK hockey who can put their own stamp on things. Not up for a continuity candidate either. Has to be a fresh approach to allow roster to get behind the new guy.


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Tough job for whoever gets it - bit like being Fergie’s successor at Man Utd.

Lordo did such an awesome job his shoes will be very very hard to fill.

If we go for a known U.K. quantity, I’d like to see Omar Pacha get a shot. I’m sure the owners will secure the right man.

Hope the fans are not too demanding on the new guy for instant success.


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If be really happy with Omar Pacha, Paul Dixon, Pete Russell, or langlet (if he hangs up his skates). The key is to have someone who gets the devils culture and can connect with the fans, motivate the players and have the tactical mindset to deal with the way the game is evolving. I have a feeling that there'll be lots of interesting candidates.


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Pacha has done great with lower end players and budgets, that’s a different ball game entirely from what our expectations would be. I’m not convinced that he’d be the right choice, or Pete Russell. Dixon I’d be happy with, always liked his teams and the way they play. From within the Devils camp, Linglet is the obvious candidate I suppose - although I wasn’t a fan of the way he played last year, was a bit too casual for me. His coaching style might be different though, who knows. Whoever it is, I hope we play a more entertaining, aggressive game next season (and by that I don’t mean fighting all the time!). I remember last season not being the best to watch for a large part of it.


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Why would Dixon want to move? He has a very good team with sound financial back up.

I would prefer someone from within or an ex Devil. August 04 mentioned Culligan for example.
Otherwise a completely new guy from Canada scouted by the Owners and Todd and Franny.


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Let's be honest whoever comes in has got big shoes to fill. Going it needs to be someone who will grow into the job. And then have the opportunity like Lord to move to bigger things. Maybe a young coach looking to progress and coming here will give him the platform to do that. Maybe a young coach North America
I'd like to see Jake Morissette as head coach I believed he has been bench coach for ua and is familiar with the famous club ethos. There are probably hundreds of coaches out there who would be a fit but id like it be be someone familiar with the club and league.


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I can see it being somebody that Lord knows and somebody with coaching experience. Todd said yesterday that Lord will be helping with the new appointment. I can’t see it being a Morissette or a Linglet. I appreciate Lord didn’t have any coaching experience when he was appointed but we were coming off an awful season and in many ways there was no pressure on him at the beginning. There’s going to be a lot of pressure on the new coach and I can’t see them going for somebody with no professional coaching experience
When I started thinking about the new coach, the name that came into my head was Chris Culligan. While he is not hugely experienced as a coach he does know the EIHL and certainly the Devils culture. if we could create a team around him of Franny, Piggott and maybe bring in Ellison to support , guide and take some of the burden to allow him to focus on coaching, we could have something special. When we appointed Lordo, it was under very different circumstances but it was his first coaching job and he had good people around him to help; he has often acknowledged this. Enormous shoes to fill who ever takes up the job and I trust Todd and the owners' judgement on this. Very sad to see Lordo go but he has given us is all, couldn't have asked any more of him. He deserves this opportunity and wish him all the very best for the future.


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Surely there needs to be clarity on whether there will even be a 2020/21 season in any format before a coach can be appointed?

Why would someone completely new to the League come here at the moment with so much uncertainty and nothing confirmed?

Although Lordo did say that a few interested parties had made contact. Can't help thinking that any new coach would be a Canadian, hopefully someone who knows the League already and has had some European experience.
The next coach has to be someone that understands that the LEAGUE is the main prize and can work with the pressures that come with the fact that EVERY game counts. Games in September are just as important as games in February!
That is the key issue for me.
Panthers hired Rich Chernomaz, a coach with a good resume but he failed ultimately because he didn’t get it that the league was everything in the UK. He and his team took too many nights off!
Personally, I like what Dixon has done with Flames and he interviews very well and seems to have the same ethos as the Devils organisation.
Bringing in someone completely new to how the EIHL ticks could be a bit of a lottery.

All this withstanding, our ownership know and understand this more than anyone on this board so I am COMPLETELY at ease with whoever they decide is the future Head Coach.
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