New Devils coach found!

Great interview on the Devils website.

Would be interested to know length of contract but very much doubt we'll get that sort of info. Great appointment and glad he's coming in with experience in all the areas that he needs to cover with us.

Get the feeling some players will enjoy his brand of hockey - bit of focus on passion after the speed and skill.

Two more interviews to watch as well - one with Scalde, TK and Aaron Murphy; and a separate one with Gaz and TK.
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Wow. This is exciting. Guessed there may have been a connection with one or two of our players. Apart from his varied playing and coaching experiences, our new Coach will also have tremendous knowledge of existing players and prospects in the North American system/playing in Europe.

Welcome to Cardiff, Jarrod and Family


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Awesome, Welcome to Cardiff Jarrod.

Amazing owners and management team, need a few additional raffall tickets to keep them going this off season.


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A good CV and he comes across very well in his interviews. Just a shame we have to wait so long for him to get started.
I see he coached Carl Hudson and Andrew Hotham In Cincinnati. You’d assume they were asked what they thought of him. Although that was at the start of his coaching career to be fair.


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Listening to all of these interviews leaves me in awe at what a great GM Todd is, and how highly respected or club is in the hockey world. The wait for the 21/22 season is going to be agonising.


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What an amazingly insightful interview with Murph there. That's some process that Todd put in place, so refreshing to hear what they put him through in terms of his long term fit. Brilliant stuff. Well done Todd and Welcome Jarrod. Exciting times ahead.


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Welcome to the most beautiful country on the planet Jarrod, Wales. You will love your time here, beautiful city, lovely home, awesome owners, amazing club,and the best fans in the UK. Be prepared to make 3,000 new friends and you will love them all (well most), Both you and your family will be made to feel totally at home, the Welsh have a warmth that’s comes naturally, and their passion for this great club is certainly contagious. Look forward like everyone else to meeting you, take good care, and stay safe.PS great signing guys he comes across as the perfect cog in our well run machine, love it.


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I actually prefer Switzerland, Canada and Greece to Wales but yes welcome to Gods country and the land of song, sheep and Laverbread with cockles.

Your fan base awaits you.