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Hey all, sorry to be a pain and promote on here.
After years of toying with the idea I’ve taken the plunge and create a podcast where currently it’s going to focus solely on the Devils.
In the first episode I spoke about the new guys for this season and I’ll be looking to create more episodes throughout the year, and looking to make it better each time.

If any of you want to check it out it’s currently available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Spotify link -

Soundcloud -
Also if anyone can think of an official name for the Podcast that’d be huge because unfortunately my creativity doesn’t stretch to titles.

Cheers all


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Well done, Ollie. Enjoyed the podcast. The more Devils news and opinions the better as far as I'm concerned. It's lonely over here!


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Well Steve you could have 3000 mates, and 3000 neighbours if you moved over here. Then you certainly won’t be lonely, and our beers not bad.


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Enjoyed it again. Good work. How about a top 20 eihl players after a few months of the season. Last year there was a top young players feature on chasing the Puck. Think a top 20 players would be cool.


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good job on the podcasts, i would like to see a topic on homegrown talent. for the future of Cardiff devils, and other teams in the uk. and what the future holds for uk talent.


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Another great podcast. A couple of name ideas "Hampson on hockey" or more generic "tape to tape" (a play on words for those of us old enough to remember tape recorders). Whatever it ends up being called keep up the good work.
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