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Going out to New York in mid-December and hoping to catch Rangers' game against the Predators on 17 December. If anyone's been in the past, is it easy to get tickets whilst out there or is it advisable to order in advance?



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We grabbed ours on stubhub previously. If you via that route, select the electronic tickets so they’re emailed to you.

Some games we ended up with season ticket holders seats
I've been a few times and yeah book in advance if you can, if not, then as Ger-Devils said stubhub with e-tickets is the route to go. Have used them several times
I’ve been a few times and always sorted my tickets in advance through Ticketmaster US. Never had any problems. Enjoy - will be a great trip!
I booked in advance using Ticketmaster in 2004 and managed to get 4 seats, in 2 separate parts of MSG. Then again in 2014, didn't pre-book just went to the foyer in MSG and bought 2 tickets that were available for the match on that day, I got lucky that time I guess!

Take your passport in with you if you want to drink alcohol, they can be fussy and they don't accept your drivers license as a valid form of ID.

Have a great trip!


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Enjoy the game and enjoy New York... it is an experience! If you want something else to do, the rink should be up and running at the Rockefeller Centre as well which is a great experience. As others have said pre-booking Rags tickets is probably the best option