Nott Simpson... Thanks!


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So as some of you may have gathered from my post on here, (and some posts on Twitter) the playoff final game was potentially the last game we will ever cover via Match Night Live... But that will be covered in another thread coming later.

Really, this thread is to say thanks to OJ/Nott Simpson who has basically kept MNL running through thick and thin for the last 10 years and has reluctantly retired from hosting.

We've gone from strength to strength, keeping a huge number of people updated with scores from almost every Cardiff Devils game; from just over 21,000 unique users in the first year, to over 112,000 unique users more recently!

The number of page views are in the millions and it's fair to say that without his help and dedication to the site and the service things would never have been as successful as they have been.

So here's to OJ, thanks for all your help!


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Will always be grateful to have been kept in the loop for the Challenge Cup final in 2017, when on tour in France in a venue whose WiFi was woeful so couldn’t get the stream. MNL kept me in touch with things, and allowed us to celebrate (in a bar which bizarrely has the Devils’ logo painted in the terrace area, but no idea who the Devils are)

jimmy snels

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unbelievable commitment. thank u OJ.

id be gutted if MNL wasnt available. hopefully club can make it worth your guys while to keep it going if needs be. many rely on it for away games


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MNL and OJ hosting it reminds me of the Shipping Forecast on Radio''s always there and you always imagine it's going to be there with that reassuring presenter forever.

This really is the end of an era. A fantastic service with priceless value for many of the Red Army working evenings/nights, don't use the webcasts or on holiday/out of the UK (I even remember tuning in on a transatlantic cruise once!)

Thankyou OJ for your loyal and impeccable service. Let's hope there will be a viable option in the absence of webcasts.

May I add sincere thanks to Russky, Chris ,James and all the good folk texting from games to keep us updated. Gutted we will be talking about MNL in the past tense.


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To all who have contributed - thank you seems inadequate

OJ and Nott - enjoy your retirement and settle in to watch the games for their simple pleasure
Thank you OJ.
We relied on MNL many times, when we couldn't get to games.
I will miss the 'ridiculously childish and disgustingly biased' comments.
End of an era.
Gonna miss MNL big time, I work shifts and always tuned in when unable to get to games.
You guys deserve a pat on the back for the fantastic work you've put in over the years.
Just curious...why is there no audio play by play of Devils games? On this side of the pond it's pay (one way or another) for live video, but audio is free. Is it the old "if we give free audio, it will cost us PPV video customers"?
Many thanks to all who made MNL work.
It will be missed my OH is particularly upset.When she was unable to get to games due to health or other problems she enjoyed the service by Devils fans for Devils fans.

Gaz G

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Just to echo all of the above. Much appreciated. It's been difficult for us to get to games over the last couple of years so MNL has been invaluable.

Many many thanks.


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Thanks to OJ and everyone involved with MNL over the years, I used to do it years ago and I know how difficult it can be sometimes with some of the dodgy PA systems around the league (and
dodgier mobile coverage ! )

Braehead usually do an audio commentary live on YouTube.

I would imagine that, or live audio on Facebook, would be reasonably easy to arrange these days ?


To clarify, we don't want to stop MNL but would need someone with the same level of commitment as OJ to take the reigns. A huge thanks to OJ, Russky and everyone who has helped run games, as Diafol says, it's not an easy job. Also a huge thanks to those who have sent texts over the years. When you are paying money to go to an away game its a big sacrifice to miss half the game texting. I salute you all.
I would like to add my thanks to OJ as well and to all those involved with MNL. It has been my lifeline to away matches for many, many years and has been accessed from home, pubs, restaurants and wherever I have happened to be when there has been an away game on.


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Just like to say thanks to all those who have been involved in MNL , great job guys . Thanks for keeping me updated over the past few years.
Echo this comment. Great service and thanks to OJ and all involved. Invaluable scores and game updates when you can’t make a game and want a better service than twitter !