Nottingham Hotels

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I don't suppose anybody on here knows of any availability for Saturday night in any hotel in Nottingham? I'm due to be trekking over from Manchester both Saturday and Sunday on the train, but would much rather stick round on the Saturday night to partake in some of the after-match drinking that goes on :Banana

I can't find any availability anywhere, but thought it may be worth posting here, just in case.
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Ook said:
Try they had a fair few on there when i last looked
Did have a look on here bud, cheapest one is about £100 for one night, which is completely out of my ball park, especially as it's only me... :(


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Hilton Double Tree (used to me the gateway) its 15mins outside town the league used to use to as their hotel. 68quid at the moment.

As its Easter weekend business that pre book hotels will release theirs so you may see them go down slightly end of week.