O'Connor's KHL contract terminated


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Every cloud - Christmas has come early for the Steelers, especially after the likelihood of Liam Kirk being drafted in the US.


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I really hope Ben doesn't hop straight back to Sheffield without fully exploring his options (I'm sure he won't). Maybe another European team will pick him up. Any experience he can gain at a higher level will be really beneficial for team GB.

I definitely can't see him going to an EIHL rival.

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And what would happen weeks into the season when he leaves to join a European team that has made him an attractive offer?

O'Connor is a great player but surely any British club would either want a decent level of commitment from him (because they would be investing in him to improve the team, right?) or at least the flexibility to put a contingency plan in place.

Which EIHL can afford to recruit him AND have the capacity for a senior British player without having to release one due to the over/under 23 regulations?