Our first NHL Calgary experience


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In Calgary at the moment with a barmy -12 deg and snow and going to be -16 by 9pm.
Went to our second Flames game last night with Vegas Knights tomorrow.
Seeing the game live is awesome.
I've watched it on TV but up close it is so much faster and the skill is beyond.
Over the 2 games we've seen so far (Blue Jackets and Coyotes) there was only 5 penalties and I think I counted 9 icing calls in all. The game is left to flow much more without calls for the littlest thing, you wouldn't even know the refs were there.
The puck control and passing is almost faultless.
OK. I know it's a different level to EIHL but it's the most amazing thing to watch live in person.
The whole experience from entrance in to the Saddledome till you exit is polite, personable and a pleasure to be a part of.
Devil's fans sometimes complain about lack of atmosphere during games but here the chanting and singing hasn't got going until the last 5 mins of 3rd, up until then it was just the sound from the game and people talking, so block 13 do a great job.
A few people we met and spoke to from the staff to supporters knew of the Cardiff Devils and of ex NHL players who have come to the EIHL which was good to hear.
Everyone who saw our black 2020 jerseys all commented on how awesome they are. One 50/50 ticket seller wanted to buy it but unfortunately it's not for sale. Talking of 50/50 the winning ticket last night got $40,562. We didn't win but we did get lots of free merch given to us on way to seats, t-shirts, caps, flags and lanyards.
To sum up, we love Calgary staying on the bank of Bow River, Downtown Calgary is a great location, the Calgary Flames experience is even more than we expected and still 5 days to go.
Roll on Vegas Knights game.

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The viola atmosphere on a bad day will beat the saddledome on a good day hands down. if you think calgary is cold we were in edmonton the weekend for son's play-off games and it was waaaaaaay colder! Glad you're enjoying my adopted home town!


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Just got back this minute from Calgary and booking for next year already. Love the place, the hockey and the brisket at Bookers BBQ and Crab shack.

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