Panthers vs Devils - 4 Nov - League


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There are rumours on Facebook that the Panthers will actually catch up with the modern world and offer a webcast for tomorrow's game.

If it goes ahead I would think it'll be via this link:

Fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath !
Huge game for the Devils. Need a win here to keep up pressure on title rivals. Plus we need to avenge our defeat the last time we played here. A win here could a big psychological boost after yesterday’s loss.


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Panthers edging it certainly but the game is yet to hit its stride. Tense rather than exciting so far...1-1 is not far off right


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Bowns keeping us in this. Despite some questionable calls in our favour from the refs, we aren’t making Nottingham pay.... we need to get back to basics and find the man with our passes
Oh well looks like we will be after another sit at home d man after this weekend?? Conceding 5 to Guildford 6 to blaze at least 3 tonight is embarrassing for a so called championship team that will stroll the league, and our fans don’t wanna watch us because we are so invincible,